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  1. Anyone Using A Barry King Awl Handle With Bob Douglas Blade?

    Realize this is an old post but I sell things to Canada. It is usually $14-20 to ship depending on location and weight. To add tracking is $12.95. It is just as expensive as shipping to the UK for some reason.
  2. Punching belt holes

    Ground down a flat spot on my oval punch for the set screw to sit in Holy smokes that works well! Time to get a second arbor press so I don't have to switch back and forth. Thanks for the EXCELLENT idea!
  3. Punching belt holes

    I had been thinking about the weaver self centering punch, this would be much more economical
  4. 206 RB Question Stitch length changing during stitch

    That sounds right. It is just odd I never noticed that before. I will go through and adjust the foot tension. I have only oiled it in the last two years it may need some adjustments.
  5. 206 RB Question Stitch length changing during stitch

    I was having some bobbin problems. I just noticed something bizarre though it stitches normal on 8-9 veg but when I put 8-9 harness in it stitches shorter?
  6. Punching belt holes

    That is a really great idea, I just have to drill out the ram on my arbor press.
  7. WICKETT & CRAIG leather selection

    Give them a call, they are very helpful and there isn't a minimum you can get one side. They definitely have tooling leather.
  8. My machine was acting up on some Harness leather. Everything was dialed in tension wise and it just started stitching short and screwed up a belt. Was wondering if anyone had ever had that problem? Thank you in advance.
  9. leather backpack harness rebuild

    Looks like the pics didn't attach
  10. Line 24 Snap Question

    I will give it a shot the shank is slightly longer but it seems it would peen over just the same.
  11. Line 24 Snap Question

    Does anyone know if the CS Osborne 5/8" line 24 snaps work with the Tandy hand press dies?
  12. Looking for vegetable leathers with 9~10mm thickness

    Do you just want enough to make one? I have some 9mm.
  13. Tips from Uncle Dave

    My local restaurant supply store has disposable gloves for $4.50 for 100.
  14. Sewing Machine Needle Question

    We went through the Black Hills, saw Mount Rushmore and Devil's tower nice land out there. I really liked South Dakota but found that people drove 80 miles to their neighborhood bar! A big change from being in a "big" city like Columbus, OH. Have a good weekend.
  15. Sewing Machine Needle Question

    That sounds correct JLS I believe if the feed dog plate hole was tighter it would look better. I'll try and experiment with it. I am imagining this experiment will result in busted needles. Or maybe I should just try and raise the feed dog a little and grind it down more since I lowered it a hair to eliminate those marks. What part of Iowa are you in? My buddy and I rode our bicycles to the West coast and Southern Iowa was a bitch with all those rolling hills. Super nice people though. Cheers! A gouge line certainly helped Ole South but it definitely has nothing to do with tension I got that adjusted per the manual.