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  1. Sand Belt Edges After Bevel & Before Burnish

    Good advice here. Might also want to use a larger beveler to round the edge more.
  2. Gaps in edge gluing

    Whenever I glue something I put a piece of scrap leather on top of the project and hit it a few times with a mallet. Make sure the scrap is larger than the mallet surface. If you whack the edge of the scrap with the mallet you may leave a mark on your project.
  3. another belt measuring question

    Pants size is worthless. Pants makers have been using vanity sizing since 1937. You have skinny -1" regular fit +2" relaxed fit +4" loose fit +5" so many different styles of pants and NONE of them are an accurate measurement. That is the reason belt makers will say to add 2" and also the reason why half of the reviews will say This belt is too small! I always have people measure an old belt.
  4. i permanently make mistakes in my work

    That looks great. It takes a lot of practice to make less mistakes. It is very rare to see anything that is perfect. You will judge yourself more than onlookers.
  5. Neat stitching without bended lines

    As others have mentioned pics may help. If you are using diamond punches it is essential to hold the punch completely perpendicular to the work surface. I find it helps to put the punch in two previously punched holes to help line up the second punch through. For example if you have a 6 hole punch only punch 4 new holes the second time. Use the last two holes of the first punch to line up the next one so you only make 4 new holes if that makes sense. I also take an extra couple seconds to visually line it up before using a mallet. Following a scribe line from your wing dividers helps a lot.
  6. Raised strapwork

    Not sure about specifics but you may find a one sided presser foot makes sewing easier if the raised area is throwing the stitch line off.
  7. Finishing over alcohol based dye

    I oil before then dye but I usually use the Fiebings oil. Most stains tend to dry the leather. The Eco Flo Waterstain dries it a lot if I use that I condition it before finishing with a tallow beeswax mixture. Any conditioner should work. I usually use Tan Kote for a finish and have not used clear lac. Tan Kote seems to bend just fine.
  8. Round Braid English Point

    Nuts, the video in that thread is no longer working and the instructions arent making sense to me. I will ask a braider later this week.
  9. Round Braid English Point

    Thank you I will check out that thread. My book just said 4 passes through the corner hole and three through the adjacent ones. But all the other holes only have two passes so I got confused.
  10. Round Braid English Point

    Thank you, my brain doesnt do well with braiding.
  11. Round Braid English Point

    Ok, I went back through that hole after I went around the turn but something was still off so I unlaced it.
  12. Round Braid English Point

    Good idea : Round braid help I keep moving forward, having it not look right then unlacing it. I feel like I am missing something obvious.
  13. Round Braid English Point

    Any tips would be appreciated I made the dead center hole 1/8" and enlarged the holes on either side. I get the pattern complete to the tip of the belt then get confused trying to reverse directions.
  14. Lacing needle question

    Good to know, thank you. I ended up getting another needle and that solved the problem. It would seem I had damaged the threads getting the damaged lace out. Now I just need to figure out how to braid around an English point!
  15. Lacing needle question

    Good to know about the superglue. I used a beeswax/tallow mix that I use for conditioning on the lace. I believe the issue I am having is that the flat calf lace doesnt have enough thickness to get a bite on the needle. I have done lacing in the past but am new to the round braid. After I finish this belt I will investigate other laces. I really like the look of the round braid and would like to use it on other projects if I can get this issue resolved. Thank you.