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  1. Finishing English Bridal Belt Edges

    I had the same problem. I saw your video and bought some hide glue to try. It turned white and cracked the next day. I will try less glue. I like your videos, they are candid and real and have lots of valuable information for those of us who are younger. I also sand the edges to get the little fibers off. I have been doing leather work for 9 years and after burnishing it seems the fuzzy fibers start standing up after a few weeks. That was why I tended to sand them off first but it is an expensive task. I am hopeful the pearl glue will make it less necessary. Thank you.
  2. Metalic Kangaroo Lace Question

    Hello. you have not had an issue with that delaminating? It looks like 10m is $17 and change about the same here but shipping is usually expensive when I send items to Australia.
  3. Metalic Kangaroo Lace Question

    Good to know, thank you. If I cannot add it to an existing order to save shipping I will call them.
  4. Metalic Kangaroo Lace Question

    Great, thank you, I will try that. The one natural I saw was glazed. I will call my suppliers to see what they have That was my second idea using metal would look great, it would just be a chore..
  5. Metalic Kangaroo Lace Question

    A customer wants silver Kangaroo buckstitching but it seems most of it is a foil laminate. Does anyone know of one that isn't a foil or does anyone have any experience with an unfinished lace that might take an eco flo metallic waterstain. It is to match a sterling buckle. Thank you.
  6. WICKETT & CRAIG leather selection

    In my experience calling HO is always helpful. They have always transferred me to the person who could answer my question.
  7. Anyone Using A Barry King Awl Handle With Bob Douglas Blade?

    Realize this is an old post but I sell things to Canada. It is usually $14-20 to ship depending on location and weight. To add tracking is $12.95. It is just as expensive as shipping to the UK for some reason.
  8. Punching belt holes

    Ground down a flat spot on my oval punch for the set screw to sit in Holy smokes that works well! Time to get a second arbor press so I don't have to switch back and forth. Thanks for the EXCELLENT idea!
  9. Punching belt holes

    I had been thinking about the weaver self centering punch, this would be much more economical
  10. 206 RB Question Stitch length changing during stitch

    That sounds right. It is just odd I never noticed that before. I will go through and adjust the foot tension. I have only oiled it in the last two years it may need some adjustments.
  11. 206 RB Question Stitch length changing during stitch

    I was having some bobbin problems. I just noticed something bizarre though it stitches normal on 8-9 veg but when I put 8-9 harness in it stitches shorter?
  12. Punching belt holes

    That is a really great idea, I just have to drill out the ram on my arbor press.
  13. WICKETT & CRAIG leather selection

    Give them a call, they are very helpful and there isn't a minimum you can get one side. They definitely have tooling leather.
  14. My machine was acting up on some Harness leather. Everything was dialed in tension wise and it just started stitching short and screwed up a belt. Was wondering if anyone had ever had that problem? Thank you in advance.
  15. leather backpack harness rebuild

    Looks like the pics didn't attach