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  1. thanks! if you really like the design, you can purchase it at my etsy shop
  2. rundogdaveyes, first i sew belt loop and reinforcement piece, than sew the halves together, wet the holster except the reinforcement piece to keep the stamping clear and mold. thank for your interest)))
  4. thanks guys. here's my youtube channel, there you can watch brief videos about my holsters
  5. thread is 1mm thick. thanks for comments))
  6. here's my holsters for handgun called PM - pistol of Makarov. All of these holsters are have owners, even sheridan style tooled one.))
  7. thanks for fotos:-) could you also tell what is the leather weight did you use for interior and exterior?
  8. please show the interior
  9. Self Centering Punch

    where can I find it?
  10. Peacemaker Holster

    thanks for the pattern. ill try it to my navy's holster