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  1. I realize that. ... thank you. Would I maybe be able to fade in Black dye to the blue exotic with an airbrush. I have almost zero experience with exotic leathers and And trying to find a solution to my problem. If there is none so be it... thank you.
  2. Hello all... quick question. I'm making a holster for my wife and I just dyed it. I did an over lay of some type of light blue exotic on the reinforcement piece. (Got it from the Springfield mix bag) this is my first time doing an overlay. I made the mistake of gluing the reinforcment piece with the overlay onto the Holster without doing the whole holster first. Well I tired to go slow with a fine paint brush up too the edges of the exotic piece but in some spots it bled up the edges of the exotic ever so slightly. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this or maybe mask it somehow. Thank you. I'm sorry I don't have any photos at the moment. Ill try to post them soon.
  3. Godspeed, thank you this was not my first I did have some practice before this one for sure. Chiefjason, thank you! Ya my brother doesn't hunt so it probably won't get a whole lot of use unless I borrow it. But he requested it so I couldn't turn him down.
  4. Mr. grump.... Thank you! The fit is actually really tight on this one.... Mostly because the handle on the knife is so fat. But I will definitely keep your advice in mins for future projects. The sheaths you made are very nice! Someday I will make one as nice. Great job! And thank you again for you're advice!
  5. This is the 3rd sheath I have made that is not absolutely horrendous. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Seth P.s. I also made the knife for my little brother.
  6. mlapaglia, I see you are in . I'm up in Frederick Colorado.
  7. dickf, I did not know that. It its neat! Thank you for the info. Mlapaglia, I do have and normally use linen cord. I do love it. But the buddy I made this for like the look of the sinew on something else I made and had kind of requested it. Thank you for the tip about the trigger guard. I will keep that in mind when doing the next one! Thank you! Seth
  8. Thank you very much. Its definitely not perfect. Ive done leather work before belts, knife sheaths, motorcycle seats and other random things. but it was definitely a challenge. Thank you again.
  9. Sorry didn't get the pics in there Seth
  10. Hi guys new here wanted to show you my second attempt at an iwb. Any input would be .thank you! Seth