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  1. Sharpening Landis 30 Blade

    20º Is a pretty good angle for splitter blades
  2. Landis Splitter - leather catching on knife

    Any chance that blade has an elephant stamped on it? If so, the blades themselves are not square. I talked to Bruce about one that I had in for sharpening last winter. the blade edge had been ground properly and was next to new...problem I found was over 3/16" in depth (front to back) from blade end to blade end. The blade was also not equal in thickness. Needless to say, I spent a lot of hours truing up this blade. Customer is still elated with it, but man I lost money on that deal
  3. Bob is still in business and making tools...
  4. Osborne #147 drive punches

    I'd talk to Bruce Johnson and see what he has in the shop. I have a full set of the vintage #147 and they are better than any of the new ones for sure
  5. Rosette Cutter

    Douglas all the way. I have 1 3/4", 1 1/2" and an open 1 3/4" for cinch and latigo carriers
  6. Need Help With Saddle Strings

  7. Unususal Buckle

    I would like to see how they are used as a buckle. I worked in a harness shop for about 15 years and never saw one used as a buckle. They are meant to hang the traces on harness while you aren't hooked to anything. The trace hangs by a link of it's chain in the bent hook part. Anyways, Weaver Leather carries them, as does Aaron Martin Harness
  8. Wanted Plough Gauge

    Talk to Bruce Johnson, he's a member. Or his website is www.brucejohnsonleather.com
  9. Purple Chap Leather

    Seeing as you're in South Dakota, call up the friendly folks at Sheridan Leather...I've built more pair of rodeo chaps than I'd like to remember somedays and Luke and Vandy and the crew were my main suppliers
  10. Chaylor Inserts

    PM me the price for the works please Pete
  11. Bonded Nylon Thread

    www.thethreadexchange.com may just have what you need
  12. Knurling On Hand Tools

    You can buy a hand knurler such as the Knurlmaster. They are basically a "C" shaped pipe cutter style tool. Hope this helps.
  13. I vote for Superiors as well...I only keep Blevins buckles in the shop for someone that might need a set replaced.