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  1. 441 Clone Walking Feet

    I looked on your website Bob. No pictures or prices of them. Could you post here or Email me pics and prices of the styles you stock?
  2. 441 Clone Walking Feet

    have a new Cowboy 3200. Love it. why is it so hard to find walking feet for 441 clones? is there a singer style equivalent, other equivalents?
  3. Walking Feet

    number 1 is on the bottom
  4. Walking Feet

    above are 1) the short style walking foot which goes on my Mercury 406 2) a consew 206 style foot 3) a pfaff walking foot What the heck is the style of the foot on my machine? I can't find them. I keep ordering feet which do not fit!
  5. Bobbin Thread Direction

    ahh, a picture is worth a thousand words! Thats what I have been doing. good to be sure.
  6. Bobbin Thread Direction

    thx dude
  7. Bobbin Thread Direction

    Ok, so does that mean that the thread makes sort of an acute angle at the slot as it goes back toward the exit hole keeper thing?
  8. Bobbin Thread Direction

    Hello everybody, today I would like to ask a simple question. I can never remember which way to install the bobbin. Is there an easy way to remember which way it is supposed to unwind?
  9. Why does everyone use chains for these things? wouldn't stainless cable with loops crimped on the end work nicer? stuff can be had at any hardware store
  10. Sewing Tight Inside Curves

    Thanks for your input guys.
  11. Sewing Tight Inside Curves

    When I machine sew tight inside curves, like around the trigger on a moulded holster, the length of the foot interferes with staying tight to the edge. As a result I end up manually placing several stitches, eyeballing the stitch length, and handcranking. Is that the best strategy? any better ideas for tight inside curves with a machine?
  12. Mercury 406 Presser Feet

    I have a mercury 406 walking foot machine. It is a well built machine like the consew 206. I bought some additional feet for it ( consew 206 style) but they don't fit. The flat bar with hole on mine is shorter than on the feet i bought. Does anyone know what type of feet i need?
  13. Roller Foot

    Hello sewing machine experts! I have a question. Are roller feet available for my 206 style machine or my consew 223. I am talking about the nickle size knurled wheels which press to the left of the needle. I am interested in trying them for purposes of increased visibility/precision while making shoes and boots.
  14. American Straight Stitch

    I have a Landis 12F and a Landis 37. I have considered getting a straight stitch just to complete a nice set but. I am having trouble deciding what the machine does that a good solid cylinder arm can't. The other two clearly offer special capabilities for soling shoes and boots. Any thoughts?
  15. Sewing & Boot Repair Machines

    please give me a ring or email me. i will pm you