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  1. Now that is and interesting pony design! Looks like lots of top to bottom jaw clearance. Here is a link to a cam clamp. No redesign of the pony needed. Just screw on the clamp.
  2. Check out the new Weaver 205. It is based on the Adler 205 that was discontinued. I think the base price is $2995.00 for wholesale buyers. I know their customer service has been great for other things.
  3. Changing the wing nut to a "Cam" clamp as pretty much eliminated my thread catching problem. Love the cam clamp. I took that suggestion from someone who suggested on this board a while back.
  4. For the money, Weaver Master tools punches are MUCH nicer. Very polished, sharp, and durable. Won't waste my time and money on CSO any longer.
  5. Thanks. How do you "Tag" something?? And how to I search on that Tag?
  6. What is a "Tag"???
  7. You are welcome!
  8. Magic Mender. I have used it on a saddle seat once.
  9. Plus, the bridle leather comes in many nice looking colors with pretty much no dye rub off.
  10. How much for the skiver?
  11. How does anyone stay in business making these kinds of mistakes and incurring the cost of replacing and re-shipping the same products? Profit margins must be HUGE.
  12. Could you explain why thinner is better for a strop? Thanks, Tom
  13. Check Weaver Leather or Beilers Manufacturing.
  14. I would use a good spray adhesive and spray both the sheepskin and the saddle skirting. Then, if hand stitching, rub your waxed thread back and forth on a brown paper bag to set the wax. If you don't do this step your wool will stick on your thread and cause all sorts of problems. Then just stitch away! Al Stolhman explains it much better than I can. Get his books.
  15. Thanks for the reply NVLeatherWorx. I will give that a try. I won't really know until he brings his watch back for the install. I could probably buy a cheap wally world watch and use that for close guess. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks, again! Tom