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  1. How much for the skiver?
  2. How does anyone stay in business making these kinds of mistakes and incurring the cost of replacing and re-shipping the same products? Profit margins must be HUGE.
  3. Could you explain why thinner is better for a strop? Thanks, Tom
  4. Check Weaver Leather or Beilers Manufacturing.
  5. I would use a good spray adhesive and spray both the sheepskin and the saddle skirting. Then, if hand stitching, rub your waxed thread back and forth on a brown paper bag to set the wax. If you don't do this step your wool will stick on your thread and cause all sorts of problems. Then just stitch away! Al Stolhman explains it much better than I can. Get his books.
  6. Thanks for the reply NVLeatherWorx. I will give that a try. I won't really know until he brings his watch back for the install. I could probably buy a cheap wally world watch and use that for close guess. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks, again! Tom
  7. I need to make a watch strap but don't have the watch it will fit on. I was wondering what the thickness of leather should be that wraps around the lug pin? If I make it too thick the strap won't fit between the pin and the watch frame. Thanks for any help. Tom
  8. I think they are all corporate. I'm really glad they re-opened. I like to check their stuff out in person when I can. And if I do need to order something, it comes from that store and I can have it the very next day.
  9. Get the Stohlman saddle making books. He covers a rough out saddle build pretty well.
  10. Tandy has re-opened a new store in Harrisburg, PA! They closed the old one last April. Nice to have it there again.
  11. That leather looks like it could be Shrunken calf skin. I think you can get it a They have some wonderful leathers that should meet your requirements.
  12. +1 for the Stohlman books. I'm currently building my first saddle with an association swell. I tried to lace the first attempt but didn't like the way it looked. So, I tore it off and made a second one following his instructions for the welts. I used his welt jig and found doing the welts much easier than lacing. I will post pictures when I finally get done with the construction. But I would for sure get the book for guidance.
  13. Weaver Leather has their Master Tool line. They are all made in the USA and are very good quality.
  14. I agree. I have their #2 master tools edger and like it as well. I like all their master tool tools. Good and always sharp out of the box and at a fair price.
  15. The Master Tools Head knife from Weaver Leather is very nice. Costs around $58 wholesale. Came sharp and ready to use. Has a nice feel to it as well. Much nicer than the CSO I also have.