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  1. Congrats! That is something to be proud of! I don't have the series but maybe now I should get it. Tom
  2. Oval Punches

    Weaver Leather Master Tools are nice punches. They have round and oval.
  3. Very nice work! Love the piping. To sell this at $150 that equates to only $11.50 an hour. I don't think I would entertain any offers to make one at that price. I try to tell my self that "I am not my customer" just because I wouldn't pay $150 for a dopp kit, doesn't mean someone else won't. But for that kind of quality the price should be higher and there are people who will pay it. I think I read on here somewhere that someone said "if i'm losing money or only breaking even, I should have probably just gone fishing". Anyway, great job on the kit, you did a great job.
  4. Hand Cranked Sewing Machines

    A Luberto #9 or Classic would sew this with no problem. They are hard to find because no one wants to part with them. They are also know as an ASA #9.
  5. Thoughts on Precision Saddle trees

    I would guess no reply would indicate their concern for customer service. Their tree quality is probably no so good either. if a company can't/wont' answer product inquiry questions, I would look else where.
  6. I was impressed with the Laporte Poly Tuff tree I used to build my first saddle. Pretty much indestructible.
  7. splitter blade sharpening

    I think Weaver Leather has a sharpening service. Give them a call.
  8. Steele Tree Pricing

    Most Things went pretty cheap. He won't let the two Juki 2000's go at $1600 a piece though. The crupper stuffer went for about $150 I think. I bought the weaver saddle work stand for $130, a nice stitching horse for $55 and the 8" heritage splitter $115. The Sutton hand crank brought $350. Most of the saddle trees brought $40-$50 a piece. I wasn't impressed with the quality. The fiberglass wasn't applied to the tree very nicely. Hand tools went cheap as well.
  9. I know this is short notice but I'm going to a Harness shop liquidation sale tomorrow and they are advertising 12 trees of various style made by Steele. Does anyone have an idea of what the average cost is of their trees are? I'm looking for bargins and don't want to over pay. There are lots of tools, a Weaver saddle stand, power splitters, and sewing machine going to be there. Thanks for any info on the tree prices. Tom
  10. Where Can l Get a Good Maul?

    Weaver Leather sells some nice mauls.
  11. Safety beveler vs a spokeshave

    Big Sioux, I got a skiver from Weaver as well. It was silver. The problem is that it is made by the CS Osbourne company. The cheap black ones from Tandy are not made by them and actually work. CSO tools are pretty much junk. I bought a Harness awl from Weaver that was made by CSO and it was Junk! I did give Weaver feed by on it.
  12. Tool brands

    +1 for the Weaver Master Tools.
  13. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    American Leather Direct.
  14. Weight lifting belt buckle

    Weaver Leather.
  15. Calfskin lace

    Kangaroo lace I got from Weaver Leather was top notch.