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  1. Where Can l Get a Good Maul?

    Weaver Leather sells some nice mauls.
  2. Safety beveler vs a spokeshave

    Big Sioux, I got a skiver from Weaver as well. It was silver. The problem is that it is made by the CS Osbourne company. The cheap black ones from Tandy are not made by them and actually work. CSO tools are pretty much junk. I bought a Harness awl from Weaver that was made by CSO and it was Junk! I did give Weaver feed by on it.
  3. Tool brands

    +1 for the Weaver Master Tools.
  4. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    American Leather Direct.
  5. Weight lifting belt buckle

    Weaver Leather.
  6. Calfskin lace

    Kangaroo lace I got from Weaver Leather was top notch.
  7. Everything looks really nice and clean. You do some really nice work! One question, How do you attach the watch strap buckle now that the strap in sewn together? Or am I missing something? Thanks
  8. Improving stitching pony

    Now that is and interesting pony design! Looks like lots of top to bottom jaw clearance. Here is a link to a cam clamp. No redesign of the pony needed. Just screw on the clamp.
  9. Upgrading Our shop sewing machine

    Check out the new Weaver 205. It is based on the Adler 205 that was discontinued. I think the base price is $2995.00 for wholesale buyers. I know their customer service has been great for other things.
  10. Improving stitching pony

    Changing the wing nut to a "Cam" clamp as pretty much eliminated my thread catching problem. Love the cam clamp. I took that suggestion from someone who suggested on this board a while back.
  11. Osborne #147 drive punches

    For the money, Weaver Master tools punches are MUCH nicer. Very polished, sharp, and durable. Won't waste my time and money on CSO any longer.
  12. Eco-Flo Tips

    Thanks. How do you "Tag" something?? And how to I search on that Tag?
  13. Eco-Flo Tips

    What is a "Tag"???
  14. Cracks in leather lounge chair

    You are welcome!
  15. Cracks in leather lounge chair

    Magic Mender. I have used it on a saddle seat once.