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  1. Which Japanese Beveller?

    Have you looked at leathercrafttool.com? Not sure how much it will cost to ship to UK but their pricing is much more reasonable https://leathercrafttools.com/item?id=3688
  2. Have you tried ordering one hide from the HO tannery before? All I can see on their Web site says minimum order of 5 or 10. Did you call?
  3. Slicking Flesh Side Of Leather

    It's actually a Chinese translation of the Japanese leathercraft book. The literal Chinese translation of the gel is "fleshside processing agent," which I believe refers to the burnishing gum Tragacanth replacement, which is sold by Goodsjapan http://www.goodsjapan.jp/item/leather-craft-items-leather-fi/seiwa-leathercraft-burnishing-/lid=29749117 Since it's a gum trag replacement, I suppose you can just use gum trag.