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  1. Great work! My experiments never look that good.
  2. That is awesome!!! Nice work and detail.
  3. Awesome! Nice work.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. There is a welt for the blade. third layer with blade cutout to protect the stitches. I debated for a long time on adding the retention strap, hard to see in these photos, but there is a notch cut where the finger guard is on the bottom and the knife drops into that when it is placed in the sheath. The person I made it for told me the retention is tight, and he fell asleep with it on and the knife never moved. The stitch being close to the belt loop was a miss calculation on my part and I agree that it should have been further from the blade. I appreciate the feedback, the only way to keep improving is through someone else eyes.
  5. Recently made this for a family member. No patterns available, so had to come up with this on my own. There's some flaws, but over all I'm ok with it for a first try. Open to comments. Thanks
  6. Looks Great! I have a request for one of these and have never done one before. I was wondering what kind of leather to use, I'll need to check this out at Tandy. Nice work.
  7. Awesome work! Looks great.
  8. Nice machine! A rescue that can be brought back to life.
  9. Nice job! I like the simplicity of it.
  10. Very nice!
  11. I'd be in for buying Blue Gun and discount on the pattern that goes with it. Your patterns have not failed me yet and I'd be able to make some more popular holsters ahead.