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  1. Just In From West Texas

    Thanks for the welcome, Bob.
  2. Reindeer Hides?

    And, as I t And I guess, as I think of it, it will give the other reindeer pause in considering any type of uprising or the like. I can see it playing out in a similar fashion to the scene in Pulp Fiction with Samuel L. Jackson and his wallet. :-)
  3. Just In From West Texas

    Thanks Duke. And I'll add that more boys and young men need to have the experience of being a boy scout at some time during their lives. Great opportunity to learn some really good stuff.
  4. Reindeer Hides?

    Santa is not going to be happy about this project! :-)
  5. New From Se Texas

    Pretty new here myself, but welcome. Lived in El Campo a few years. But that was many moons ago.
  6. Just In From West Texas

    Thank you! Thanks, Havamal.
  7. Just In From West Texas

    Thanks for the welcome, David.
  8. Just In From West Texas

    I have been reading this site for a while and recently signed up. Since I have now made a couple of posts, I figured I should go ahead a make an introduction. I am new to the craft and have gained immeasurable insight from this site when selecting the tools I would need to get started. My interests revolve around the items that I would personally use, such as wallets, belts, knife sheaths, iPad/iPhone/laptops sleeves, etc. Someday, I may try to sell a few items. But for now, I'll create and learn for myself and share with my family and friends. I know my way around a woodworking shop, having sold a few items in the past. I suspect that there are a few transferrable skills that will aid me in my leatherworking. One that comes to mind would be 'measure twice, cut once'. While never being directly involved in the farming or ranching business, it seemed that no matter where we lived when I was growing up, I had friends that were farmers or ranchers and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with them. No doubt this had something to do with my being able to admire good, quality leatherwork as it seemed to be fairly abundant in those settings. As an aside, like changing a flat on a car, I think kids should be taught how to saddle a horse. That would get them out of the house, away from the Ninetendo/Xbox, and out into nature where they would get to see, in person, a horse and perhaps a cow or goat or other livestock. I haven't saddled a horse in years, although I am confident that I still could. But in saddling a horse, one gets to put their hands on and interact with the leather. A magical experience, in my book. Enough of that, but I will close by saying that I am looking forward to learning from the collective wisdom on this site and thank you for the opportunity to interact.
  9. Versa Groover Tip Width

    Okay. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Versa Groover Tip Width

    Just getting started in all this, so please bear with me. I picked up a Versa Groover with a small tip. Tried using a four prong Osborne 3/32" Diagonal Thonging Chisel with it but am finding that even with the diagonal set, the holes made are outside of the width of the small Versa Groover tip. Anyone know if the medium or large width Versa Groover tip would be wide enough to contain the chisel punches? I have sent an email to the info at sheridanleather.com address, but haven't gotten a response and thought someone here might know the answer so that I could go ahead and order the correct tip. Thanks!