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  1. Ever seen one of these?

    Never seen those. Try Buckle Guy dot com. You might be able to find something similar to replace them with.
  2. Leather needle/foot for normal sewing machine?

    As far as I know, you cannot add a walking foot to a machine that is not built for it. You can however sew leather on an old industrial machine. I have a Singer 241 that I have outfitted to sew lightweight leather using a size 21 leather point needle and 90 weight nylon thread. The machine cost me $150 from a Craigslist ad. My problem with the machine is I can't control it very well. I reduced the gear size and slowed it down a bit, but it really needs a servo motor if I want to use it properly.
  3. Fiskar's hatchet cover

    Cool. That's awesome and you don't have to worry about it falling off.
  4. Mixing a custom Antique color

    Dye needs to go before the antique as the antique sits on top of the leather while the leather will absorb dye. As far as mixing the two before application, I have not tried it. I would suggest experimenting with the two until you get the best effect. I would definitely experiment before applying it to an expensive or labor intensive piece. Let us know how it works for you and what you decide upon.
  5. Fiskar's hatchet cover

    Looks real good, but can you get it off of the head with the way that blade tapers? I have one of those hatchets myself and think you may have just led me into a new project of my own. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Legal pad Portfolio

    That looks great Stetson. I have tried a couple of these type of projects and I always seem to make them just a bit too small, ha ha. Looks like you nailed it though and it came out beautifully.
  7. Dragon figure carving

    That's super. You really have a talent for painting details. Wow, nice.
  8. Looks good and it sounds like it has served you well. Being a leather worker is super expensive and I'm right there with you. Why spend hundreds or thousands when you can get the job done for less than $20 (if your even the tiniest bit handy). You can find motors in many places, even garage sales sometimes. Biggest thing to pay attention to is the voltage and make sure you can power it correctly and safely.
  9. I also suggest you check out the rolled handle concept. Hand stitching handles that size would take that much time to do. You mentioned tooling. I think if you were to continue with the flat handles, just adding a bit of detail by using an edge creaser and some antique would work well to bump up the details without too much work or expense. Your baskets look great. How long does it take you to make something that size? I would think you could do well with that type of nearly-lost handmade craft.
  10. I have noticed that different leather comes to me in different shades. Perhaps if you go buy it yourself you can pick out the lightest colored side. Have you also considered that it might not be cow, but perhaps is a different type of tanned hide?
  11. Ha ha, yes very important to be sure to buy the right one. That truly could be an expensive mistake ... "be careful kid, you could take an eye out with that thing"
  12. I would repaint the white. If you notice the white accents on the red ribbon don't have discoloration. You can see the antiquing on the yellow and the red, but not the white.
  13. Thanks, I only found the solution out of necessity of not having the $$. It works quite well too. All that I need for now
  14. Rub n buff

    You should be able to buy Golden Acrylics at any art supply store including Michaels. I would get their fluid acrylic to use on the leather.
  15. From Spain with love

    I could not agree more! Welcome to the forum. You have a lovely website, keep up the great work. - Cheryl