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  1. Looks like it is really well made. The thick shoulder strap is a great idea for comfort with such a heavy load too. Very nice.
  2. newbie

    All good advice. Tandy's Leathercraft Library has some free patterns but not much to choose from. The user JLS here on this forum has some great free patterns for holsters and wallets too. It is the raw material and tools that cost the most. Some people will strip leather sofas they see on the side of the road. Not very helpful for the kind of stuff I make though.
  3. Yep, sounds like some of those oils and tallow the hide is stuffed with (according to the website). Perhaps they fed it some synthetic crap too. Or something left over from the tanning process was allowed to be preserved by the over saturation. Really strange though.
  4. Thanks here too. That is pretty much what I have minus the lanolin. Now I'm going to get that and add it too.
  5. Yes on lanolin. I did not use it only because it is kind of pricey. My favorite leather conditioner is pretty heavy in lanolin and after making this concoction, I think I may buy some and add it to the mix.
  6. Very nice, I love the intricacy of the pattern. Beautiful.
  7. sealing

    I would try a spray on acrylic sealer available at craft stores, or even Walmart. If you apply a thin coat, you could then go over that with a natural conditioner like a neatsfoot oil and beeswax mixture, or even resolene once it is set with the spray on.
  8. No, I did not. In it's raw form it just sank so that is a good idea.
  9. Very Nice. I am currently working on my second ever notebook cover. For a project that looks so straight forward, these sure can be tricky.
  10. That is awesome. A lot of that stuff looks really old and probably hard to come by these days. My Grandmother did some leather work in the 70s. I got a couple of purses she made but nobody knows what ever happened to her tools and stuff. Too bad because I think it would be incredible to have her old swivel knife just for sentimental reasons.
  11. One thing that all of those trunks have in common is straps. Practice making some dog collars or belts to learn how to properly finish the edges. Will your trunks be wood lined? I would think that would make it much easier to attach certain hardware and also hide some seams. You may want to learn wet molding for the corner pieces like shown in the first and last photo.
  12. Very nice. How broad are the tips? With the angle of the arrows, it seems that the bottom right corner is just unfilled space. You might be able to save some $$ with a slight redesign. Or is the shape traditional? I like it though.
  13. Nice. I have been working on my stitching. What a difference a a little practice makes. I owe my improvement to some proper (although cheap) new chisels and a video by Ian Atkinson. Your stitching looks very good.
  14. Very nice indeed.