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  1. It is not tagging a person like facebook. This is about keyword tags for SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. Oh, okay. That sounds a little better than poo
  3. I'm confused. Do you guys know each other? Is this just some friendly ribbing or an inside joke?
  4. Trudi, you should update your profile to show your location. Then maybe someone on here can show you what machines the have for sale near you.
  5. Excellent. Thank you!
  6. If people would start using Tags when writing a post, that should eventually help to sort out search. Very few people use that feature though.
  7. You did fantastic with this campaign and I was wondering if I could just get a follow up with any tips or suggestions. Did you send a ton of traffic there yourself? Or was a lot of it coming from within Kickstarter? I am currently gearing up to do a Launch on Patreon. A slightly different animal but also quite similar. Thanks!
  8. So much better than the notebook cover I just made as a thank you gift. Something about the colors of the contrasting inner pockets with the outer just doesn't work for me. Feels kind of cold (outer shade) and warm (inner pockets). Nice job though and great photography too.
  9. I curious for others to chime in on what makes a "quality" swivel knife? I have been using a tandy knife from the 90s I believe, that I got second hand. Seems to work fine. So Are there better knives? The only improvements I can think of would be blade (which is changeable), ease of rotation, or maybe thickness, weight?
  10. Looks great. I can tell you put a lot of time into this. You didn't ask for a critique, so forgive me for pointing this out ... I would do a second coat of paint on those pipes. It may help smooth out the brush marks.
  11. Packing (shipping) tape on the back
  12. Cool. Please share some of your pics.
  13. I have never used those products, so I can't speak of them. After you dye, make sure that you buff the belt well with a rag before you seal it to remove any excess dye. I know that that super sheen will prevent rub off. I would apply at least two coats though.
  14. If you are using Fiebings dye, it shouldn't rub off even if the finish eventually does. All finishes will eventually wear off. There are other options for a top coat. You can use the super sheen or resolene, they are both acrylic finishes. You can use a beeswax mixed with neatsfoot oil (has to be melted together. Some on here have been using Mop N Glo, which you can buy from the grocery store. I'm not sure about mixing dye with antique. Maybe someone else can help with that. Depends on what shade of dye you are using compared to the shade of antique. But basically the antique just fills in the depressions and is usually sealed with one of the acrylic finishes mentioned above.