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  1. Filigree Belt

    Thank y'all for the information .I will check into that that book .
  2. Filigree Belt

    Doing a test run on a filigree belt used an x-zacto knife to cut out the background it left the leather looking very ruff. Is there a better way to cut this out? And I guess you have to burnish where you cut out the background but I don't know what you could get in there to do that with. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Sorry about answering so late but We are headed back to Texas from the Casino in Louisiana should have stayed home could have used that money for leather tools lol. But on the purse you have to sew it together wrong side out I used the white glue from Tandy and a lot of binder clips to help hold it together the hair against hair slips a lot, then I would remove one clip at a time punch then sew.then do it again.
  4. Thanks here is the picture that I was trying to post.
  5. Here is the checkbook cover still trying to learn how to post
  6. This purse wast made from a Bruce Johnson pattern that he had posted (thanks Bruce) hand sown with a tooled leather strap. And a checkbook cover.