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  1. Thread and needle sizes

    I am reading about people using certain needle sizes and thread sizes for various appications in leather work. I cannot find anywhere, any information about what needle to use with what size thread for any specific use, whther it is for hand sewing or machine sewing. Can anyone please direct me to where I can find this info....?
  2. Swivel Knife Preferences

    Hello. This is my first post and I am new to leather crafting. I am familiar with swivel knives and understand their working but what I want to do in my work is to get a smaller, thinner, detailed cut in some of my smaller designs. To do this I began using an Exacto knife. My question is, "Could a swivel knife be fitted with a much smaller blade similar to the blade of an exacto knife?" I realize that my inexperience may to blame for going to this type of cutting tool. The areas I am trying to work in are so small, a regular swivel just cuts too big. Thank you for your time, tom