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  1. Dot/spot Setter

    What would you like to know Jackie? I can tell you, I ordered two more sizes and still want one more size. These manual dot setters are the best I've seen and used. They are far superior to the ones Tandy sold(if you can find them). The tolerance is great and hold the dot without having to bend the legs out to keep them in the barrel. Not so with the Tandy ones. They also have a spring on them which means you have to press down to allow them to touch the leather...before smacking it. I've tried setting them both ways...smacking them and also tapping them in. What I found works for me is to press down till they touch, then tap to start THEN SMACK IT. I only recently became aware of your company and I'm sure I will order stuff at some point. You have a lot of STUFF..and great comments about your company and ease of use. For those who set dots by hand(machines are too expensive), these manual dot setters are the best I've seen and made by Standard Rivit...good ole' American made and it shows. Standard Rivit does not have a lot of 'stuff' but what they have is good..or great. They were the only folks I could find that sold Stainless dots and black dots down to 1/8".
  2. Contact Info For Leather Burnisher's

    All is well...Ed contacted me.
  3. Contact Info For Leather Burnisher's

    Thanks Jackie..yes I have seen that on the site. My biggest concern was no reply to 2 emails..but then, we all get busy.
  4. Not sure this is the right place for this but my back is kinda up against a wall on this. Anyone have a phone number for Ed Stiles, Leather I need to talk to him about an order I haven't received. Sent 2 emails and heard nothing so far. Payment was made and completed thru Paypal and Paypal ain't helping much either. Appreciate any help anyone can give...
  5. Dot/spot Setter

    Some may know of this company. I just found it and was very happy. First..I don't work for them or have any connection. Thought some might want to check this out. Tandy has sold some dot setters(made in China). They were okay but I guess they might not sell them anymore, or so the local store told me. I have used them but was not real happy. So..I found some I think are worth t he price (about $18 each). They are also spring loaded and made by this company in the good ole' USA and established in 1888. And of course they sell dots and spots. What I liked was that they sold Stainless Dots and down to 1/8". Black dots as well. Back to the dot setter. I bought the 3/16th and just now ordered the 1/8" and 1/4". I used the 3/16th and it worked great. Prices are good to, although you may think $18 for a dot setter is high...try putting them on by hand! The company name is Standard Rivet in Maine. Real friendly folks too. Here is the link. They have a limited inventory, unlike Chicago Bag..but the quality is there. Hope this helps others as much as finding these helped me.
  6. Tippman Aerostitcher

    This machine has been sold...thanks for all the inquires.
  7. What Can You Tell Me About This Machine

    Thanks for the info. it seems this machine will probably not end up in my shop. I have an old hand crank singer(and a motorized one), that I use for fine sewing. They do they job. I just seen this one with the arm and I need an arm machine...but no parts and it just doesn't sound like it's worth $500.
  8. What Can You Tell Me About This Machine

    Thanks Bob. This machine is for sale here locally and considered buying it just for...who the heck knows. Doubt that I will buy it, i really don't know what they are worth, especially since no parts available. And, not real sure what job it might be good for. I'm still going to buy one from you when my other one sells.
  9. Says it's a durkopp adler (patcher) same as a singer 29-4. I think I heard that patchers can be good but limited in what they can do. Not sure of max lift or thread size on this type of machine. Whats a good one worth? I know there are lots of folks here that know about these. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance!
  10. Tippman Aerostitcher

    In case some don't know about this type of machine, here is a video that shows this machine and the one I have sews just as this one does. Mine does not have the attached bobbin winder or the needle set attachment. But other than that they are identical.
  11. Tippman Aerostitcher

    Here are a couple of pics I took today...
  12. Tippman Aerostitcher

    This machine was bought new in 2002. It is the cast iron model with REVERSE. I bought this from the original owner, a friend, who absolutely never used it. When I got it, it had a thread take up issue. It went back to Tippman and fixed like new. It has worked well ever since. This machine does a great job, sewing up to 7/8" leather. Will go so slow a snail can pass it by...or you can speed it up(variable speed). I know there is a love/hate thing with Tippman machines, but I've yet to meet anyone who really used one, dislike it. It will sew very heavy thread. Mostly I use 277 and sometimes run 207 on the bottom. Comes with 3 or 4 large bobbins. This machine has had very little use. I am selling it because I am getting a different type harness machine. If I could afford to keep them both I would. Pics available on request and possible a video as well...for private messaging. I am asking $1550 and you will not be disappointed and the condition is like new. Shipping is around $100. If you want to sew heavy leathers, at a workable speed and reasonable price, this machine might be for you. I have the kit that came with it, which includes the necessary allen wrenches, drill attachment for bobbin winder, in Tippman case. Spare needles as well.
  13. New Guy From Wa

    Hi Les ( I will assume your first name is Les). And, if thats your last name, same as mine. Welcome..great folks here and tons of help, and good advice. I know Olympia well. Used to live at off the Marvin Road by the ole' cheese factory....Johnson's Point I think. Many moons ago. Was going to Lacy, to Cabela's, till they built one here. Nice to meet ya. I know what ya mean about taking leather working back up after a long time...yes I do. Fun stuff and challenging!
  14. New Guy From Wa

    Nice meetin ya Horn. Gerrit...seems I know of a guy, goes by that name. Hangs out with the Rodeo crowd...has a friend named "MUD". Could it be? Ya, stop by anytime your in the area. I actually live in E. Selah, Pomona area really. Love the quote! I have one too, but best not post it. It's worth the trip Matt
  15. New Guy From Wa

    You been to McPhearson Leather in Seattle, yet? Often better prices than Tandy. Well, it used to be. Been awhile for me. It's worth the trip to just see whats in there. I think they also have a website.