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    Horse riding, archery, sailing, books, leather crafting, sewing costumes, road trips, traveling, seeing the world.

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    i wish i was there yet
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  1. Ordered a hide and i cant use it for tooling since it has been oiled. Is there anything i can do to it, to make it suitable for tooling again????

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    2. Sylvia


      I have some oil tanned/dyed. I'll experiement and see if I have a solution for you... might mean you'll have to buy a new bunch of tools though.

    3. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      thank you sylvia! i wonder if they ll cost more than a new hide :)

    4. WinterBear


      Might pyrography work? Maybe you can burn decorations on. Will be stinky, this is an 'outside method', and a respirator might be a good idea too.

  2. need an idea for a new project.....

    1. Sylvia


      when I'm stumped for ideas I make strappy things like bracelets.

    2. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      funny thing, i decided to make a cuff :P

    3. Jimbob


      Ordered a BK swivel need 2-3 cows to volunteer for hides to practice...

  3. archery arm guards

  4. i cant figure out why my leather just wont glue!!! help! :(

  5. got my lemon juice, good music on, and im ready to ''bleach'' my leather!

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    2. Cyberthrasher


      That just hurt thinking about that. Good thing I wear gloves when I work with stuff - too many nicks and cuts to want to feel that.

    3. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      come on guys! dont be so whiny! ;) there hardly is any pain if lemon juice gets in a cut.

    4. Cyberthrasher


      It reminded me of when I used to work in a box plant and got all kinds of paper cuts. We used to use this liquid bandage stuff - OUCH!!!!

  6. my leather creations

  7. First Custom Cuff

    Flaws?What flaws? This looks f***** awesome! Well done!
  8. my first quivers

  9. belts

  10. finally got internet in my new apartment!!! im back! :)

    1. Cyberthrasher


      Woohoo!! I was wondering why I hadn't seen you around

    2. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      yeah it took forever to move...and even more for the phone company to connect my land line! i ll be showing my ''work'' again soon. :P

    3. Cyberthrasher
  11. My First Wallet

    It looks wonderful. Pretty good for a first attempt. I wish mine turns as nice as yours did!
  12. It looks very very nice! I love how you placed betty. Congrats!
  13. Its sunday and i ran out of glue...cant finish this till tomorrow. :(

  14. 40$ to ship 10 yards of nylon strap......kill me.

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    2. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      and my problem is the i cannot cut it....

    3. Cyberthrasher


      Hey, I bought a new ruler so I can start learning metric!!! :)

    4. Natalie O

      Natalie O

      that would be fantastic! make sure you spread the word :P

  15. That looks sooooo good! Congrats! I love it!