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  1. Reliable Suppliers Are Important.

    It came from a well known supplier in Sydney, Australia. Birdsall Leather
  2. Packer Direct

    Mac-Lace ( www.maclace.com.au ) have roo skins for $au100/m2 (wholesale), you'll have to contact them for a login to their site and orders are done by phone,fax or email. Best to send them an email and ask. (NB: no connection other than a happy customer)
  3. Reliable Suppliers Are Important.

    The folling image shows why. (1.2mm chrome tan cow hide, sold as 1.2mm modelling sides) I contacted them by phone with this and other images then sent by email. Their response? Well I'd like to say they are organising a replacement side free of charge, I'd like to say they are refund my expenses and I'd like to say they were helpful. Unfortunately all I've gotten is silence.
  4. Medieval/renaissance/fantasy Pattern Pack

    OK... they're all working this morning...
  5. Medieval/renaissance/fantasy Pattern Pack

    Chrome (Win 7 Ultimate) EDIT: Just tried, IE and Opera same 404 message.
  6. Medieval/renaissance/fantasy Pattern Pack

    hrm... just got a 404 on each pdf...
  7. Medieval/renaissance/fantasy Pattern Pack

    It's amazing how long it can take to write up processes and instructions for things you do and tasks you perform without thinking isnt it?
  8. Simple & Effective Tool Modifications

    with the cost of shipping that goo is a bit expensive so... http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Sugru-Substitute/
  9. Hello good people, I've had a request for an apron from a friend of a friend. He has stipulated that the apron will be used at both a timber mill and a foundry. The problem I face is finding the right type of leather. Neither the customer or my self are overly concerned about the conditions at the mill, it is what the apron will face when used at the foundry (I assume it is a small semi-commercial set up). While the usual chrome tan apron split will be OK at the mill the customer wants something more durable for the conditions at the foundry. I believe that a chrome tan leather would be more durable than a veg tan given the conditions, but I then have concerns over the conditioning (neatsfoot oil etc.) of chrome tan over veg tan. Any and all suggestions are welcome on type of leather and method of finishing. Cheers Andrew
  10. Patent Infringement: Shotgun Concho Dog Collar

    Here is a cheeky idea for you all, why not send him (the patent troll) a cease and desist letter for bringing the trade into disrepute with the crappy quality of his work?
  11. Patent Infringement: Shotgun Concho Dog Collar

    I can see a few things in those photos... Live primers on some cartridge bases Stitching uneven and well... yeah. Needs to take better photos Conclusion: If he was my competition in my area I'd be celebrating, it looks like the stuff I was making when I was 13...
  12. Looking For The Help Of Someone With A Lathe...!

    *looks in the scrap bin* Yep, damn right we do!
  13. Looking For The Help Of Someone With A Lathe...!

    Did I just hear you volunteer to do a write up? Just kidding, but do let us know how it goes, thinking about it I can recall working with some pretty thick cake mixes in the past
  14. Makers Mark

    Grey Ghost Graphics made me a nice delrine stamp with great detail.
  15. Looking For The Help Of Someone With A Lathe...!

    nice idea, but I'm not sure it would be fast enough (or the motor robust enough), worth having a shot at though.