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  1. Tip For Us With A Cheap Stitching Pony

    Sounds like a good idea but I think you will find that your lace or thread will catch on the handle
  2. Very nice those of us who have served with the Navy do love that anchor
  3. Howdy!

    Welcome to the board and enjoy all there is
  4. Where To Find Blank Horse Tack?

    Oregon Leather Company in Portland, oregon might be a good placed to look. I was there recently and I know they have a lot of those items. I have no idea about shipping to Canada. good luck
  5. Hello From The Pacific Northwest

    Welcome to the net love it here in the great northwest
  6. A great start. A friend of mine suggested to me to do something new at least 5 times. The theory wouild be that the 5th time will be better than the 1st - 4th. U se some scrap pieces prior to the final product. As someone suggested get some or at least one good brush go to Michaels or somewhwere like that. I use a magnifying glass with a light on it that clamps to my table to help with those small intricate areas to paint, tool,carve, etc. keep working you will get there.
  7. Hello From Michigan

    Beautiful work keep it up
  8. Making A Stitch Pony

    Looks like it will work fine
  9. Which Osborne Awl?

    I also highly recommend the Bob Douglas Awl they are very sharp right out of the box you can get them from Sheridan Leather and they will fir the Osborne haft. I haven't tried the Tandy haft
  10. Pattern For Purse

    I am looking for a pattern to make a purse for my daughter who is pregnant with her second child. I would like to make something she could use as a diaper bag etc. using some soft garmet type leather. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Deciding Whether To Quit Leatherwork.

    Hey i am new here and just sumblded on to your post. I know you haven't quit because I have seen you in the chat room. Your post sounds like you were really depressed at that time. I hope things are much better now. If not you may need some help with your depression. Remember you are the only one that really counts. Discount those that can only berate you if they are on the computer or telephone and not seeing you face to face.Keep trying and doing and most of all please yourself first.
  12. Hand Stitching

    Thanks for all of the replies. No I am not using the awl with bobbin. I was under the impression that the awl was used to pierce the two layers of leather to make a hole but after watching the video recommended apparently one can punch the holes and then use the awl to open them up for using the two needle method of sewing. I made a small stitching pony and I think it will work well for the things i am looking to do.
  13. Hand Stitching

    I recieved a Tandy hand stitching set for christmas. I have never hand stitched anything before but i would like to learn. I am having trouble using the awl in piercing two layers of leather. i am using some scrap pieces of oil tanned leather to make a sheathe for my swivel knife. Do i have to sharpen the awl before use or just eat more wheaties for stregenth. If I need to sharpen the awl what is the best method?
  14. New Guy From Wa

    Just thought I would say hello to all you folks here in Washington. I live in Olympia. Just started back into leather learned in high school but just went to my 50th high school reunion so its been a while. many years ago I was really involved in rodeo and was a farrier for several years. I go to the Tandy store in Tacoma often and have been to the one in Seattle.