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  1. Is this machine still up to be sold?
  2. Just straight up ART! Wonderful work sir!
  3. Shooter, FANTASTIC art there sir! Just beautiful work...I quit!! (ha! JK)
  4. Good looking workmanship ChiefStealth. I have always liked the good old Sam Brown button.
  5. Great idea, and even better tooling! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Hello Asoupley, Your belts and holsters are Beautiful! (Prepare for stupid question..here it comes..) Question: do you mold prior to stamping the basket weave? Or stamp the basket weave, and then mold the gun? I saw you holsters, and -being that I've never done anything but a couple of belts-was wondering what came first? Great work, and thank you for sharing. It motivates me to try something new. Cheers
  7. THAT is something I did not know (like alot of things).......Thank you Junkie
  8. What a really smart suggestion. I have allot to learn.......
  9. Art. You make art.
  10. (he catigorizes his wives by month!?!...... AWSOME!!) Very nice work. Thank you for sharing.
  11. You're an artist. Thanks for inspiring!!
  12. Yeah, good for you. TRUST may not be tangible, but it is important in business...... Even here on this little forum. (especially here, because I cannot afford to lose eve one deal, or take away one day's travel away from my family) Words have meanings, and we need to TRUST each other that we will live up to our words. The reason we have a court system is to give people who have been wronged a place to make things wright WITHOUT having to resort to violence..... (I am now off my soap box. Thank you. now back to looking for a stitcher....Hahahah)
  13. Did the funds show up to the party?