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  1. Juki LS-341

    Hey Floyd, I put the cover plate mating side down on a piece of glass to assure that it's not warped. I don't see any irregularities on the frame side. I've gone over and over it and can't spot anything. The irregularity of stitching and this cover plate issue is now cutting into production time so I'm going to have to bring it to the repair shop. I'd like to be much more self reliant but I can't figure this one out. Thanks for the help
  2. Juki LS-341

    after I made the lateral adjustment to the feed dog, the needle is fairly out of alignment with the feed dog hole. I'm now suspecting that the throat plate is the issue and miss aligned. The design has the screws that anchor it to the frame toward the bottom. I noticed that when I screw it down, the top angles toward the left (away from the base), thus touching the feed dog. If I leave it loosely screwed it seats straight and the feed dog does not hit it. Sure is weird. I'm not sure if it will be fixed by getting another throat plate or if I shim it in some way so the throat plate mates with the frame square, keeping the top from shifting. Anyone ever run into this?
  3. Stitch unbalanced every few stitches

    ok, moved up to an #18 needle and still had the same issue. Then did 4 layers of the #10 duck and that worked much better, if I look closely (and into the needle hole) I can see the knot favoring the top side. This doesn't solve the problem as my work only calls for 2 layers. No knots or twisting happening through the thread guides or off the spool this one is stumping me.
  4. Stitch unbalanced every few stitches

    Thanks so much everyone! Great suggestions. I'll try them out and report back.
  5. Stitch unbalanced every few stitches

    good thought. I have tried a new bobbin. I looked at the tension discs, couldn't see any burrs
  6. I have been trying to dial in my Juki 341 for the past month. I'm not at the point where I'm not sure which variables are effects which outcomes (though I have been trying hard to only change one variable at a time). I can't get the center of my stitch consistently in the middle of the material I'm sewing (example here is two ply #10 canvas duck, size 16 needle, 69 bonded nylon thread. I have used yellow thread in the bobbin to highlight the issue). Seems like every 4th stitch or so the stitch pulls toward the top of the material. I have adjusted the tension and it doesn't eliminate this pull up every so often. Thanks for the help all.
  7. Juki LS-341

    Thanks Uwe. The needle is fairly well lined up with the center of the hole in the feed dog, so I'll leave it as is for now. Thanks for the Engineers manual for the machine. I've added it to my library
  8. Juki LS-341

    Hi all, While doing some work on my machine I noticed that the back right of the feed dog is rubbing on the throat plate. I think it is very slight as the only way I knew was that the inside edge of the plate was polished. I'm thinking buying and changing out the feed dog to see if the issue persists. Before I do that is there some kind of set screw or adjustment to make that would center the feed dog more evenly inside the plate?
  9. Juki 341 issue

    One more thing. I noticed there was some play and an audible click with the finger that pulls back the bobbin switch. Are those normal tolerances?
  10. Juki 341 issue

    Thanks Wiz. I made those adjustments, I didn't see too much change in loop tension. I also moved the spring stop per Uwe's video on adjusting the check spring tension. I think it's pretty good. I have to do some more thorough sewing to be fully sure. I did see another issue while doing all this. It has to do with the feed dog. I'll start another post so as not muddy up the valuable info here.
  11. Juki 341 issue

    Uwe, Exceptionally helpful video, Danke Uwe. The bobbin case timing was off. I have adjusted and have much better results. I noticed on your video the loop that is created by the hook is much tighter than mine which seems to me would cause less efficient stitch execution and/or sloppier stitches (first video). Is there an adjustment to make to tighten that up. Also I noticed there is a little bit of play with the finger that pulls back the bobbin switch, there is also an audible click when moved (second video). Is that normal or is this part loose in some way. Again, thanks so much for a great video tutorial. Dieter
  12. Juki 341 issue

    I applied some oil when I re installed the basket. This may have accounted for the machine to be working a bit better than before. I did run my thumb nail around the chase and basket. I didn't feel any burrs. I suppose I could order a new one and see if that solves the problem. I've never adjusted/set the timing on the machine. I'm wondering if that could be the issue?
  13. Juki 341 issue

    scratch that. After test sewing it's still happening, though intermittently. Ahh the joys of machine maintenance.
  14. Juki 341 issue

    reinstalled and there is no more binding. I have no idea why it is working now. Perhaps I didn't notice if the bobbin case was not inside the notch when I first took it apart. One question. I notice that my bobbin opening lever has an ever so slight bit of play and a distinct clicking sound when wobbled. Should that be? thanks for all the help!
  15. Juki 341 issue

    Thanks Constabulary. Just looked and the set screws are well set. I did take out the bobbin basket and it caused the binding to go away. So must be something with the bobbin. Could it have been a bobbin case opening lever adjustment issue? Is there a good resource on how to dial it in?