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  1. Firefighting Items

    Have not posted in awhile. Here are a few of my recent projects. Included is a holster I attempted, i think it turned out a little large, however I learned a few things
  2. Fire Fighting Templates

    pattern trade. I have shield shapes.. I'd be interested in a radio pouch pattern
  3. Firefighting Helmet Shield

    I've made a few helmet shields recently but this one was just delivered to San Francisco Fire. Thought I'd share.
  4. Been Awhile - Some Firefighting Products

    The letters are brush painted with enamel model paint.
  5. I am looking for a spring loaded pad holder that I can use to attach a notepad to a leather notepad holder I am making. Any ideas.
  6. Here are the two most recent items I created. A 2 inch wide set of leather firefighting turnout suspenders. Two custom radio straps.
  7. I haven't noticed any reduction in strength for drilling stitching holes. Now that I have a sewing machine.. I'll rarely use anything else...
  8. Creel Style Fly Fishing Bag

    Very cool project. Nice when we get time to make something so useful. I am jealous. I want one.
  9. Looks good, keep up the good work.. It is addicting...
  10. I love the machine. What made me buy it? Tired of saddle stitching.. lol.. I have never done much lacing, but do a ton of saddle stitches. Also I have customers that want decorative stitching on rifle slings and suspenders.. So it was a no brainer.
  11. NIce, how did you secure the lining? is it a rolled edge?
  12. Anyone Know What Weight Of Leather This Is?

    3 - 4 oz should work good and hold up to the wet forming process.
  13. I recently purchased a cobra class 4. I am wondering what the tricks are for sewing backing material onto straps. If it is a leather backing I know I can glue / stitch, and then finish the edges. What if i want to sew some form of padding? what are the tips and tricks?
  14. Cobra 4 Accesories ** Help **

    Wow thank you for the responses. Very informative, and much appreciated. Pictures would make this thread more informative for the next newbie lost like me..