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  1. Vertical type PC bag

    Very nice! Good job on the molded front
  2. cjones

    No worries, thanks.
  3. cjones

    Hi I've been away from the site for a while and when I logged in today I can't see some of the posted images, often just a line of text ending in .jpg or nothing at all. Am I doing something wrong!
  4. Great looking bag! Thanks for going to the trouble of putting up and providing your pattern. Looking forward to seeing what comes next
  5. Found while cleaning the garage. Not really a recent project - a map case I made in 1978, just about the last thing I made until a year or so ago. It lived in my car for years and comes complete with cat scatches and sundry other dents and stains
  6. Thanks. I think the divider you're referring to is actually a note book in the cover
  7. Very Boring Satchel

    Next major project will be a messenger bag lined with pigskin with internal dividers. I'm very much a novice, still practising with carving and construction techniques. Oddly enough I prefer a simple utilitarian style without a whole lot of embellishment. I like the look of the antique US mail bags and I admired the style of the Swiss army bag you made and the "small bag in cherry cavalier". Thanks for your interest.
  8. Very Boring Satchel

    Thanks. I am a big fan of your work,
  9. Made this satchel for a customer who wanted a really plain bag - no pockets or compartments, she didn't even want the interior finished.
  10. Adult Section Request

    me too please
  11. Tablet Slip Covers

    Thanks Shadowryder Yes, Its lined with pigskin which seems to answer pretty well
  12. As a new member to the forum I thought I should post some of my stuff to get the ball rolling so to speak. I made this for my wife's tablet, the colour is a little bright for me but she likes it.
  13. Hello From Australia

    Thanks Dwight Good outcome last night Howie. Looking forward to next saturday Go Hawks!