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  1. Juki 563 / Consew 105 Comparisons?

    Thank you! The 563 will handle sewing 12oz to 12oz comfortably? That's the main consideration for me. Canvas will obviously be much easier.
  2. Greetings all! I'm looking into getting an industrial machine to help with my production here. I have eyes on a Juki 563 for $600, and a Consew 105 for $400. I can't find much info on the 105. My 'heavy' use would be stitching together 2 layers of 10-12oz skirting in most cases, as I do SCA grade armor. I could see stitching sole weight to skirting occasionally, but that's more of a 'would be nice' than a 'need to do this'. I'd also like to use it to potentially work with canvas for pavilions and the like. Help? Advice much appreciated.