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  1. Knife Sheath

    Really nice and clean, good tools really do help, your stitching is great!
  2. Wow that is awesome! I've never seen a serpentine stamp used like that, very creative! It's art but a piece I would use and be proud to wear!
  3. Ya I have come to the conclusion 10oz is about right! Going to get a couple bends in that weight and make a bunch more up, they sell real good in my area.
  4. Wondering what weight leather are you using on your slings? I made one out of 14oz saddle skirting I had kicking around, ended up making about 15 more for other people, and now my 8oz slings are not selling well??? I think the 14oz are way too stiff personaly, but you have to make what sells! I think I will standardize with 10oz, kind of happy medium.
  5. I am using ecoflo pro water stains, haven't had any problems with them. I found ecoflo antique will streak if you topcoat with Tan Kote though. I also use feibings oil stain with great success, and haven't had any rub off with the black.
  6. Basket weave

    Here is the info for this stamp, you can contact the guy on Face Book "Mini5 Leather Craft Life" Would love to get this but $155 is a little out of my budget .
  7. Basket weave

    Thanks guys, I found him on FB, sent a message for more info, will let you know what I find.
  8. Basket weave

    Electrathon, never heard of a mini 5 tool before where do you get such a stamp? I did a google search and came up blank, and we all know google knows everything? Lol.
  9. Basket weave

    Really, that looks like a lot of places to make a mistake!! Wow I will have to give that a try but it looks pretty difficult!
  10. Basket weave

    Any one know how to do this basket weave and what tools are used?
  11. Bigfoote

    My projects
  12. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    I have a set of those in 1/2 inch, checked the box and no part number, sorry about that.
  13. Thanks Dwight, that is the information I was looking for.
  14. What weight leather are you using on your one inch sling?
  15. Nice job Chief! What are you using for a finish on your leather, it looks great!