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  1. Looking at my bottle of Fiebing's Edge Kote, it says right there do not freeze! The rest of your items are correct.
  2. Portfolio

    Wow looks great to me! The only thing I can see is maybe just a little tight on your stitching on the bottom, or maybe you haven't hammered it flat yet? Your stitching is very clean. Great looking project your buddy will love it!
  3. Matt S is right, they will all show when you dye. I always use gum trag as the last step after dyeing and before your finish coat. Doesn't show even if you get a little on the dyed portion.
  4. Wow nice job, the accent color looks great!
  5. Nice job, looks good in natural, it will age beautifully.
  6. Tooled m&p40 holster

    Nice job, those edges are awesome!
  7. Very clever design, is that the natural color of that leather or did you dye it? If you dyed it what did you use, that color is great! Nice Job.
  8. I use Ecoweld from Tandy, a latex contact cement, no squeeze out on that. Follow Dwight's instructions, let it dry completely. On smaller projects I use the two sided tape, works great and no waiting for things to dry.
  9. Very nice, bet your fingers are sore after all that stitching! The only comment I would make is you should burnish the edges on the strap and keepers, great project though!
  10. Pictures Please? How do you store your hardware?

    Bikermutt, you have the true leatherworker spirit! When you need one, you buy ten because you may make more, but usually don't. Seems we all have that problem. The organizer you are looking at is great. I keep mine in small Tetley tea cans, they are great and my wife keeps me in tins, lol. I use some painters tape on the outside so I can write what the contents are. Can't beat free!
  11. Nice job on that, your stitching is very straight!
  12. I agree the blade will not fall out so you don't need a retainer. Nice job on the sheath!
  13. 3D Print 3D Stamps!

    No reason why they wouldn't work, if they start to wear, just print new ones! I don't think you could get real crisp fine details like metal stamps could?