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  1. 3D Print 3D Stamps!

    No reason why they wouldn't work, if they start to wear, just print new ones! I don't think you could get real crisp fine details like metal stamps could?
  2. Rivets - what is the secret?

    I'm assuming you are using rapid rivets, you probably have too heavy leather and the center section isn't mushrooming as it should. In that case I would recommend copper rivets instead.
  3. Yes you could, but your going to have to glue and stitch it on. Might have some trouble with edges depending on how you finished the original.
  4. Plans for a leather splitter?

    There are a few plans on YouTube, but having tried a few they don't work very well. A machinist may be able to make something better from those ideas.
  5. Am I the only one?

    Your for sure not alone! I keep all my mistakes hanging on the wall by my bench so I can remember not to do that. My first belt with a name on it was upside down!! Now I always remember keep the buckle end on the left, lol. Anyone who tells you they don't make mistakes is a liar!
  6. Back Quiver Carving

    Wow that is great, wish I could draw like that!
  7. Retiring

    Glad to hear you are joining the "Saturday every day" crowd, you will enjoy it. Thanks so much for your wisdom, encouragement and willingness to help other leather workers on this forum, and your great videos! Hope your still going to be here when we need some help! I had a fellow ask me for help with his Mexican round braid today and knew exactly where to send him! Thanks again and happy retirement!
  8. Binder clip fix

    I found anything hard like wood leaves marks on cased leather, then you have to fight to hold everything together to get it clamped right. I used to do it that way till I figured out a better way.
  9. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    That machine is for skiving, I think you need a splitter, I think we need a little more info on exactly what you are doing.
  10. I know others use a little piece of leather on the clips, I just figured there had to be a better way. Plus I get rid of all those little end pieces from the belts we all make and save but never seem to have a use for, lol.
  11. Binder clip fix

    Just a little trick for those using binder clips to hold seams together, don't know if anyone else does this? It keeps the binder clips from marking your leather. I use 4oz leather for this.
  12. This will give you a start, I use them all the time. I think I am using about 4 oz leather. Just punch four holes and put a cut to join them.
  13. Looks great! Do you find the binder clips mark the leather, especially when it's wet? I made little leather covers for mine, and they work great, no more marks.
  14. I make mine the same as Boriqua, with some belt loops higher depending on the customer. Very strong and look great!
  15. They look great, very neat hand stitching. Where did you score the S. B. Foote leather from?