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  1. Hey guys, just received a new set of blades from Mr and Mrs Watt. Very kind of them. I haven't given them a real major test, but can tell you I was able to edge a couple belts without sharpening. That's is about 4 times better than the first set I had. They tell me they are still in development so things should get better. All I can say is they stand behind their product and so far the new blades are an improvement over the original set I had. Garry.
  2. That Tandy stuff is great to practice with, but when you get serious buy a little Herman Oak or Wicket and Craig. Some places sell small square pieces just to try and see what you are missing.
  3. Nice job, looks great! What kind of leather are you using there! What weight?To get good tooling you need good leather, seems to me you are using some maybe 4 oz leather? Try some 6 or 8 oz, makes a big difference. Nice job on the swivel knife cuts.
  4. I agree with Yin Tx, the thread may be a little large. Also to avoid the knot tightening, don't pull your thread tight with the needles, pull on the thread instead. I suspect you are pulling with the needles, but maybe I am wrong? Are those the European or diamond style chisels? The diamond ones work way better.
  5. I sew by hand and was thinking Wow that's an awesome looking stitch from a machine, why would you want to change it???
  6. Actually the Tandy Edge beveller I have holds an edge pretty good, but the cut is straight, not rounded, takes more work to burnish. I have another from a so called "good American maker", that needs sharpening every two feet. When it cuts, it makes a beautiful round edge that is very easy and quick to burnish, but you spend more time sharpening it than you do edging. Going to try an Osborn or Barry King next. Thanks for all the expertise.
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get some Barry King Wyo quik slik in Canada?
  8. I do a lot of belts, I'd also like to find one that will put a nice rounded edge on both sides. I don't mind spending time sharpening If I could get something that would at least cut a whole belt or two without sharpening.
  9. I just finished one, good coat of gum trag and then burnish in one direction with a glass slicker, comes out fairly nice and seems to last.
  10. I use a 4mm with .8 or 1.0 tiger thread. This is a good do anything middle of the road size. If your just starting out, don't buy cheap tools, they are a waste of money and you will not get good results. Some leather suppliers will sell smaller square pieces of leather, which will allow you to try some out before buying a whole side. Mattsbagger gave you some good advice on thickness, pretty much what everyone uses. If your looking for stitching chisels I might recommend these : They go against the " don't buy cheap tools" rule, and are awesome IMHO. I bought a six tooth and a two tooth, pretty much all you need. I have three other brands of chisels, none compare. They will only barely stitch through about double 8oz leather, so if your doing a lot of holsters you will have to use your awl with them. I do mostly wallets so they are great. I use Tandy leather to make patterns and prototypes because it is cheap. It doesn't tool well, and is generally poor quality, but does have a use when you are fooling around trying new stuff.
  11. Nice job! Are you using old shell box liners for the interior? I went to the shooting range, picked up a bunch from the garbage, now I'm ready to make some holders. These will last a long time!
  12. I use olive oil or Pure Neatsfoot oil to soften the leather then resolene cut 50/50 with water for a finish. You can get some real poor leather at Tandy, good to practice with but my experience is go elsewhere where they sell some good leather like Herman oak or Wicket and Craig.
  13. It's an awesome job there, can't wait to see the finished product. Everyone here knows how hard it is to make a nice case like that, but sometimes we have opinions. Now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the straps, but that was just my opinion. The main thing is it's an awesome nice job so far and you should be proud of it!
  14. I use spruce or pine. If the mold is going to be used a lot, varnish it or it will start staining your leather. Any carpenter or cabinet shop would be able to make molds for you.
  15. I just recently bought an awesome stitching chisel from It was around $25 for a two tooth and a six tooth chisel, and they work better than anything else I have used. Get yourself a set of these, #4, and you will be well on your way. Delivery was 15 days. Watch this as well.