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  1. Leather Carving Styles....

    Use the term "line drawing" when you search on google images, tons of stuff on there, I use it all the time. Easy to get back into the swing of using your swivel knife. Make a bunch of coasters out of a cheap belly for practice, not sure what other use bellys are?
  2. I need some ideas for weekend projects

    Pretty good looking knives, well done!
  3. I Need Help!!

    That's a bummer, all that great work! I was going to ask what type of lace that was, looks better than the stuff I buy. Is it calf or Kangaroo or some other critter?
  4. As always really nice! Great work there Dwight!
  5. I've had that streaking problem myself, you have to make sure you dry your dye at least 24 hrs. I've switched to Fiebings Tan Kote, seems to be much better, at least I get less streaking.
  6. Just a little curious...

    61, what were we talking about again?
  7. Something Different...

    Very creative, it looks great!
  8. Wet molding / Prototype Mold

    Nice job, great stitching! The next one will be better! Always learning and improving.
  9. Tooled Gun Rig

    Nice looking outfit!
  10. Custom stamps / makers mark - very good prices

    Are your custom stamps made out of Delrin?
  11. Help needed with weaver draw gauge.

    I also use a cheap wooden strap cutter, always worked great, no problem as long as you keep the blade sharp.
  12. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Wow nice job on that sheath! I'm also wondering if that is hand stitching?
  13. Hello from Calgary!

    Nice job, lots of leatherworkers in Calgary! Is that hand sewn or machine?
  14. First Belt of the Year

    Wow that is nice! I can see that patterning would be a challenge! Great job!
  15. I Need Help!!

    I've kind of given up on the ecoflo products, pretty much only use Fiebings now and have had a lot better success. Their pro oil dyes are very easy to apply, and I haven't had the problems with dye streaking and such. That seat looks awesome hope you can salvage it!