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  1. Nice job Chief, looks awesome!
  2. Wow nice work as always Chief!
  3. Yup half hour or so and you turn some pretty mediocre chisels into awesome ones! I can pull my six tooth out of 2 layers of 4 oz with one finger holding the leather down! I used to use a block of wood and the old wiggle move.
  4. I polished mine up with a fabric wheel on a dremel and some green polishing compound. Takes a little time, but they go in and out with no problem. Always use a little beeswax on them, that helps as well.
  5. Hey what did we win for guessing right, just kidding thanks for showing the comparison.
  6. I have been using haven't bought a lot but the stitching chisels were awesome! 3 weeks delivery.
  7. China free shipping has taken up to three months for me, I was pleasantly surprised that Japan shipping only took three weeks.
  8. Tiger thread on the left. I mostly use tiger thread, also use some of the Chinese stuff which doesn't have enough wax, it tends to slip off the needle easily. It's also a tiny bit smaller than the Tiger thread.
  9. I bought the European style from Goods Japan, almost lasted two wallets before breaking. I didn't like the stitch either. I purchased some diamond hole LC Diamond Hole Punch PRO from, very happy with them, strong and they pull out easily. I think the 6 tooth was around $11, and they came in two weeks. Hope this helps, Garry.
  10. Ya I'm going to try something similar but turn the cards 90 degrees because my customer has a ton of cards. Who uses that many cards anyway??? Well he is paying so he is right. I saw that pattern at Makesupply, was interesting. What kind and weight leather did you make yours from? I'm going to try the pigskin again, seems to hold up well and is very thin. You did a nice job there!
  11. I'm looking for a pattern for a long wallet that will hold around 20 credit cards and a wad of cash. If anyone has a suggestion they have tried I would appreciate it. I tried building one with a center leaf to hold the cards but it got way too bulky if you put two or three cards in each slot. Thanks for your help, Garry.
  12. Hey guys, just received a new set of blades from Mr and Mrs Watt. Very kind of them. I haven't given them a real major test, but can tell you I was able to edge a couple belts without sharpening. That's is about 4 times better than the first set I had. They tell me they are still in development so things should get better. All I can say is they stand behind their product and so far the new blades are an improvement over the original set I had. Garry.
  13. That Tandy stuff is great to practice with, but when you get serious buy a little Herman Oak or Wicket and Craig. Some places sell small square pieces just to try and see what you are missing.
  14. Nice job, looks great! What kind of leather are you using there! What weight?To get good tooling you need good leather, seems to me you are using some maybe 4 oz leather? Try some 6 or 8 oz, makes a big difference. Nice job on the swivel knife cuts.
  15. I agree with Yin Tx, the thread may be a little large. Also to avoid the knot tightening, don't pull your thread tight with the needles, pull on the thread instead. I suspect you are pulling with the needles, but maybe I am wrong? Are those the European or diamond style chisels? The diamond ones work way better.