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  1. is starting to wonder why I live in the northern states

  2. will be in Vegas Feb 1st-4th. Any place that I should check out?

  3. is it bad that leather work keeps me from cleaning house? Normally I would say no, but in a few days it might be ;)

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    2. WinterBear


      I'd rather be working with leather too. But, if you start wondering if you can get enough for a wallet back from a dust-bunny hide, it might be time to get caught up on the chores.

    3. Sylvia


      lol WB... that's funny right there. :)

    4. Billie Jo Brause

      Billie Jo Brause

      LOL that is truly hilarious!

  4. is it bad that leather work keeps me from cleaning house? Normally I would say no, but in a few days it might be ;)

  5. I agree with you. The only reason I haven't made myself a bling belt is that it is almost cheaper to buy them, especially if you find a sale, at a store than make them. It looks great!
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. I did a snake skin inlay and used the edge paint because I had some problems burnishing the edges. The belts I've boughten, at stores, the last few years have used that edge paint. I got mine at Tandy.
  8. I need help. A friend asked me to make her a non-gender baby belt with their last name on it. I'm actually thinking I'll make it for her babyshower gift. But I have no clue what size to make it. She mention to make it for the months of 6-24 months, anywhere in there. I have no clue how wide and long I should make it. Their last name is only 5 letters long, thankfully. I have also noticed that whenever I center a name, from the bend where it goes around the bucke, to the hole most used, it never seems to look centered. Any advice on that as well would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, BJB <>< Sorry, topic was supposed to say Kid, not kind
  9. Those look charp. I am going to be making my first pair for a friend. Do you make your own fringe? I had searched images and found some where the fringe was cut into the hide like other chaps. What are your thoughts on that?
  10. mikesmith, here is what I've finished so far.
  11. LOL, no I'm not. I got one done. Part way through the 2nd one. Need to give the fingers a break.
  12. Thank you mikesmith648. I decided to try inlaid and this is how it is looking so far.
  13. I'm trying something new and looking for some opinions. I'm making myself a pair of chinks and would like to put a little bit of hair on hide in a few spots. The pics show what I'd like to try to do. I only hand stitch, since I have no sewing machine. Do you think this would look okay, or do I have to do an inlaid look? I use waxed white thread. Below the strip of hair is where the fringe will be.
  14. I would also appreciate a copy. Thank you, BJB