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  1. Consew 206 Rb-3 Walking Foot / Feed Issue

    Shoepatcher, The lift is set slightly above what is recommended in the Consew Service Manual. I cleared my head and seemed to have resolved the feed issue: 1. When looking closely at the feed dog, I realized the teeth were not parallel with the needle plate. The front part was slightly higher. When the teeth were 1mm above the needle the plate, the rear teeth were level with the needle plate and unable to grip the material properly. 2. Not all aftermarket "consew 206" walking feet are created equal! The lifting foot that had been giving me problems only has a 3/32" base. My 206 machines that can flawlessly handle varying material thickness, sewing across thick rolled hems, etc have lifting feet with bases slightly larger than 1/8". This subtle difference coupled with the uneven feed dog was causing material to not feed properly. I've attache an image of the two lifting feet with different bases. Hopefully this will help someone with a similar problem in the future! ---Chris
  2. When I am top stitching a canvas bag on my Consew 206 RB-3, and go from 4 layers of 18oz waxed canvas down to 2 layers, I get 1 or 2 normal stitches, then my stitch length goes from 8 stitch per inch to 18-20. It's getting hung up somehow and I've tried so many things at this point, I am ready for a fresh start. I welcome any opinions as to how I can resolve this. I have several other 206's that appear to be similarly set up and they do not have this problem. Thanks! ---Chris
  3. Reverse And Forward Stitch Length

    Wizcrafts, I remembered this thread from awhile back and just used it this morning to fix an ugly backtack on one of my Consews. Your posts have gotten me out of so many binds with my machines, and I want to thank you for your generous machine wizdom. --Chris
  4. tnawrot2, That is a good link. Thanks! --Chris
  5. I am looking for solid brass 1" footman loops. Weaver and Ohio Travel Bag only offer Stainless. There are sellers on ebay/online offering them at retail ($1.75+), but I need wholesale pricing. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. --Chris
  6. I am looking for a used hole punching machine in working condition. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ---Chris
  7. Consew 206 Rb Keeps Popping The Clutch

    Andrew, You were correct about the spring tension in the safety clutch. Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction. I never realized the RB-1 has a tensioning spring under the steel ball in the clutch because you have to slip the clutch (moving the steel ball) to see the screw down in there. Also, I discovered only the manual for the 206 RB / RB-1 discusses "adjustment of spring tension of safety clutch". The more recent manuals I had been referencing do not. Northmount, Thanks for the link to the thread discussing safety clutches. Although the Singer 111 class clutch is considerably different from Consew 206, I also use 111's and found the video to be very informative. Now I can put this 206 back in production! ---Chris
  8. Consew 206 Rb Keeps Popping The Clutch

    Andrew, Thanks. I will check that out too. I have the instruction and parts manual for the 206, but I would love a service manual. Does anyone have a link? ---Chris
  9. Consew 206 Rb Keeps Popping The Clutch

    Machinehead, Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out and let you know how it goes. --Chris
  10. I have a 206 RB that keeps popping its clutch when I sew through heavier material (like webbing, folded over canvas hems, etc). I've had this reliable machine for several years and just started acting up recently. I've inspected the hook and keep everything clean and oiled. I'm using a new bobbin case. The timing is good and the machine produces a tight, consistent stitch. It reverses well. The wheel turns smooth with no friction or drag. Everything appears OK except when I get into something heavier. Any advise or suggestions? Thanks! ---Chris
  11. Wtb - Clicker Press

    Logans Leather, I currently working with a person who wants to sell me their press, but if that fall through, I will circle back. mmirob, That is a lot of dies! I forwarded your ebay listing to a Nashville friend who may be interested. ---Chris
  12. Wtb - Clicker Press

    Logans Leather, I would love to hear specs. Thanks. --Chris
  13. Can Anyone Tell Me What Sewing Machine This Is?

    Paul, I've bought some of my servos from AllBrands. The others have come from Weaver leather. The AllBrand servos are a bit nicer, but the Weaver ones cost less. ---Chris
  14. Wtb - Clicker Press

    Wanting a working hydraulic swing-arm clicker press for my leather shop. 220 volt preferred. I live in Omaha. ---Chris
  15. Can Anyone Tell Me What Sewing Machine This Is?

    Thanks Ron! ---Chris