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  1. Barrel Style Leather Bottle

    please can you go through the steps to waterproof your barrel also did you get the pattern off the web or is it your own desighn . I made a ''drinking skin'' some one told me to use barley and water to shape it , works really well if you want a barley filled drinking skin - cant get the wet berley thats now set to concrete out of the middle .
  2. Perfect Circle Sporran Flap ?

    Thanks Nigel . I am on SA Blade also dabble in the forge when i get a gap . I am cutting out free hand at the moment may just make up a few perspex templates to cut the flap though .this is the flap i want bigger
  3. Perfect Circle Sporran Flap ?

    How do you cut a perfect circle out of leather , my sporran flaps always look untidy any body got any pionters as to sanding etc the flap to get it perfectly uniformly round ?I am working with veg tanned 3mm leather .