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  1. Turk's Head Rescources

    The best resources for me have been Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant and Gail Hought's books at www.hought.com. Both of these have provided a wealth of knowledge. I'm sure others will jump in with their own personal favorites! Good luck and have fun!
  2. How To Post Pictures Off Iphone

    I posted pictures from my iphone on here. Problem was that the pictures on the iphone are too large. I downloaded a free app called simpleResize. Shrunk them down on the phone then they were ready to upload. The upload will fail otherwise. Also, when you hit the reply box, there will be a "full version" button under the text box. Click it, then click the "More reply versions" button. You can upload your smaller, pictures there.
  3. Braided Leash - First Try!

    Thanks Brian, never heard of that one.
  4. Braided Leash - First Try!

    Well, I can't recommend Hought's books enough. They are a bit spendy, but well worth the money. I have Grant's book as well but have only browsed thru it. Then, with book in lap, braid knots around a dowel, or your finger! I used shoestrings myself - whatever works!
  5. Braided Leash - First Try!

    Thanks Brian! I have been more cognizant of the alignments. I've been spending more time with the foundation knots - both alignment and snugness. Maybe that isn't the way to do it but seems to work for me. Fairly snug foundation, then let the interweave create the tight button. Trying to tighten after interweaves just seems to cause me problems! Thanks again! Traci
  6. Braided Leash - First Try!

    Thanks so much for your input! It is a 6 strand around paracord. I think those buttons are a great advertisement for why you need quality lace... :-)
  7. Braided Leash - First Try!

    Hmmm, lets try again. First time for posting pics as well! Here's a close up of the pineapple knots, they have the exact same base buildup and beveled lace. What I found is that it IS entirely possible to over tighten a button - especially with cheap Tandy kangaroo lace. The body was lace from SLC. The larger button was only somewhat tightened before the interweave. Next is the body, no gapping if I fold it tight so I assume it is tight enough? Can it be too tight? I assume if its not stretching out of shape it's ok. The SLC lace is much higher quality and I don't have the stretching problems as with the knot. My poor brain has so many questions! Thanks...
  8. Braided Leash - First Try!

    I wasn't sure where to put this post - showoff, critique or here - but I thought I'd reach more braiders in here! This is my third braided item, first was a bracelet for mom and then a lanyard with silver for me. Do all beginner braiders make gifts for absolutely anyone and everyone?? lol Here it is, please critique and be honest, I have thick skin and want to learn! Traci
  9. Noooooooooo!!!!! I always miss out on the good stuff, dang it all... :-(
  10. My Trenza De Doce Bracelet.

    So I've been doing a little braiding - just learning! Out of curiosity, is that braided around something to get that shape? Ive never seen a braided bracelet like that - very cool and well done!
  11. Necklace

    Beautiful! Makes my eyeballs hurt thinking of doing that. What width of lace/rawhide do you use for your necklaces?
  12. Adult Section Request

    Ok, I guess sign me up too! Hate to think I'm missing something!
  13. I've never done this, but I think that the idea is to back braid on BOTH ends not backbraid the two together. I can draw it and upload if that doesn't make sense.
  14. Teaching Braiding Classes

    I would be interested in a class as well, although I'm one of those total beginners. However, I would still like to attend and learn as much as possible... lol. Oh, and I'm in Tijeras, NM - so a local girl as well!
  15. Braiding Beginner Work