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  1. Guitar & Accordion Straps

    hello Bob & thanx, well honestly , im a rookie & dont know much about leatherwork, but i used a croc print on top & the lining the guy who sold it to me said it was argentenian cowhide, thats about all i know, hope it helps.
  2. Guitar & Accordion Straps

    Heres another strap i just finished for my brothers Guitar & a little bass strap i made with my last name stitched on, for my hohner accordion. Hope you Guys like them.
  3. Hello From Dallas

    Hello guys my name is luis, from dallas tx, i just started making guitar straps, and as i googled for leather crafts came accross this forum, really, really helpful & hope i learn a lot from you guys.
  4. My First Strap

    This is the first strap i made, made it for my brothers bass, then i decided to make the matching set for my accordion.
  5. First Guitar Strap

    Cool strap, i just made one too, this is my first one and i just started doing leather crafts & really liking it. I will post a pic for you guys.