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  1. Singer 29k172

    I'm not sure about the 29K172 label, but I bought my 29K72 machine in 1971 brand new in the shipping crate. I put it on a older treadle, and wouldn't trade that for a motor. With treadle I can sew from one slow stitch at a time to as fast as she wants to go. Consider that.
  2. Junker & Ruh 22 parts

    I found J & R 22 for cheap, and in dismantling for cleaning, discovered why I couldn't make it work. The teeth on the segment lifter rack are mostly stripped off. So I'm looking for parts and hoping maybe some folks out there might know something. In the picture it looks very close to the SD 28 segment lifter but different in the lower arm, so I'm not sure if the SD 28 version would work. Thanks for any help