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  1. Awl Haft Design

    That is very nice. I hope everyone realizes I'm just saying I can't compete with those who make these on a commercial basis. In case anyone is interested, I found out Arrow awl hafts are still around. I thought it was the Arrow company that makes staplers but it is from a company that uses USM (not USN) as a logo. Here is a pdf of their awl hafts.
  2. Awl Haft Design

    I could, but I don't have a source for the collets and I couldn't be cost competitive with the Osbornes or the Barry King's either.
  3. Haft / Ferrule / Collet For Awl Handles

    That looks just about perfect.
  4. Haft / Ferrule / Collet For Awl Handles

    Good stuff. I have a pin vise but the diameter is about 1". Some of those from Enco are much better, look to be about 1/2".
  5. Awl Haft Design

    I went back and looked at mine. They were some Arrow #2 awls (no longer made) and were marked USN so I'm thinking they were US Navy issue. Here is a picture of one : Here is a picture of a scratch awl I made with one of the collets. The handle is African mahogany
  6. Haft / Ferrule / Collet For Awl Handles

    I have searched for collets and haven't come up with anything really suitable. The Dremel Multi-pro comes close You can get it for $10-$12 at places like Amazon. I think the best course would be to buy a CS Osbourne haft on ebay like this For under $20 shipped, you would have a good awl haft and you could replace the wood if you wanted something custom.
  7. Awl Haft Design

    Those look great, Michelle.
  8. Awl Haft Design

    Thanks, Michelle. That is a design point I hadn't considered. Do you push the awl with the palm of your hand or do you grip the length of the handle? I see you do harmonica accessories, do you have any pix?
  9. Awl Haft Design

    I bought a tool box at an auction and it had six awls in it. The handles look like the Osborne 145 haft but they are made of black plastic. From the other stuff in there, I think they may have been Navy issued.
  10. Awl Haft Design

    I agree. I now make my chisel handles in tapered octagons for those reasons and they are very comfortable as well. I was kinda thinking about making some awl hafts in that style. The one below is made of Osage Orange.
  11. Awl Haft Design

    In a recent thread, there was a picture of Will Ghormley's sewing setup. It appears he uses the Osborne No 143 awl haft. As a noob leather worker, I'd like to know what haft designs you experienced folks prefer. I have some collets like this haft uses and I have a wood working lathe so I can make out pretty much any style.
  12. Floral Briefcase With Dyed Background

    Excellent work on the case. You have every right to be proud of that I really like your attitude!
  13. Palenske Wallet

    I was cleaning out a desk drawer and found this little black wallet in with a box of old pens/pencils I bought at some long ago auction. When I opened the wallet, I was surprised to see it was made by a harness maker from the town I now live in. Doing some research, I found L. F. Palenske opened his harness shop in Paxico, KS in 1909. I found newspaper articles that imply it was still in operation as late as 1939. I'm guessing this wallet was made somewhere around 1930.
  14. Palenske

    Wallet by harness maker L. F. Palenske
  15. wallet Sm

    From the album Palenske

    Outside of the wallet.