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  1. Home Made Clicker Die Press

    Looks like it will work great, I guess I should swing by Lowe's and pick some up. Will have to wait for reinforcements to show up at my house to assist in removing and putting the top plate back on. I placed it on there by myself the other night , that was a bear getting in place and thought a couple of times I was going to lose it and drop it on my toes. Same with you I haven’t had a chance to try mine yet, waiting for the 6 sets of dies to show up. (Any day now).
  2. Home Made Clicker Die Press

    Looks great, I like the addition of the additional springs, I got my plates back from the welder on Tues evening, mounted them up and the weight is stretching out the stock springs more than I work like.
  3. Hand Press Die Cutter?

    Yep it is the Orange one "Made in China", The stock jack is put away, I ordered a 20ton Air one the other day to replace it. So hopefully I won't have any issues with increasing the pressure when needed. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hand Press Die Cutter?

    I am in the process of putting a Clicker Press together out of a 20 ton Shop Press. I have read the several topics on them and think I have it all down except for the steel plate piece. What type of steel plate do I need to use, I plan on getting 1" thick plates for the top and bottom. I read somewhere, but can't find it now that stated what type of steel. Thanks in advance