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  1. Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    Pardon my ignorance..I saw two references to French pricking irons...Other than a brand being made in France(Blanchard for example), what exactly are "French " pricking irons? Is this a new term to distinguish a pricking iron from the stitching irons (many made in Asia)where one punches all the way thru and then goes about lacing the thread in a separate event ? Thanks
  2. What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    This is great and THE way to go if you can pick up. One 3/8 sheet would cost 191.58 to ship ; )
  3. making my own Stamps

    I would save the jewelers saw for cutting sheet and use a hacksaw and files to make stamps.
  4. What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    Garypl, Check in GA for the product.
  5. What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    A 1/4" thick 4x8 sheet of HDPE will run about 110.00 plus shipping if you don't have access locally. Probably less than 200.00 total and you have a full coverage cutting surface.
  6. What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    Just cover it with a sheet of HDPE.
  7. Show your Shop
  8. RBS Stamps

    These are RBS (Roth, Barnes, Stohlman) stamps.
  9. Diamond Awl problems

  10. Diamond Awl problems

    Just talked with Lee Douglas last night and their awl are still available. Look for Douglas Saddle Co. On Facebook
  11. 18th Century Leather Edge Beveling

    Edge shave tools begin to appear in ads during the mid 1800s. There were edge irons, and edge burnishers etc. prior as well as edged leather goods such as harness and belting, etc. It is assumed the practice of edging with a piece of glass was done prior to the edging tools we a familiar with today. Apparently there were old timers who still preferred the glass method at the time R. A. Salaman wrote Dictionary of Leather Working Tools c.1700-1950. If one is attempting to re-create the secondary items of a professional leather worker such as a harness maker in America during your period, rounding and burnishing edges is in my opinion justified. Look at some of Stuart Lilie's work. He has probably got as much study of original pieces in his line of work as anyone I know of.
  12. Wickett/craig

    You might try RJF leather
  13. Can't Get The Edges To Burnish Like Glass

    +1 hide glue
  14. It is designed for using a strap and stirrup but you can use it without if it is self sprung. Sit on a stool and hold it straight up between your legs with your inner knees.