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  1. I am interested in any dies and other attachments that would fit the Weaver MT900 or Little Wonder Thanks
  2. I am interested in any dies and other attachments that would fit the Weaver MT900 or Little Wonder Thanks
  3. Looking for all-natural veg-tan leather

    Agree. True old time pit, bark tannage
  4. Hand Forged Buckles

    I make them.
  5. New Thread Company Advice

    It appears to be plenty of competition with the modern synthetics. Why not work on some quality linen cordage?
  6. Hand Forged Buckles

  7. Hand Forged Buckles

    Steel buckles can be heat treated and polished to help prevent rust. They can also be tinned, blued, browned etc.
  8. KS Blade Pricking Irons #7 & #8 Sets

    Kudos to you in moving to the awl! GLWS
  9. Is Google is killing art?

    Rat Patrol!
  10. They just dipped those stocks in raw linseed IIRC. A linseed varnish made by cooking with the addition of leaded dryers is more of a finish but not like a modern finish. A raw linseed dip was more for shovels, picks and hoes etc
  11. Sounds like it was applied too thick. Take some fine steel wool or a piece of canvas and dip it in the oil, go over the handle vigorously, take a paper towel and vigorously wipe off all of the oil and then buff with a dry cloth.
  12. Sporran and Waiste Belt

    This is a Sporran and belt I just finished. The sporran is completely of horsehide less the perimeter trim on the flap.
  13. Has anyone seen a waist belt like this before?

    Someone used a trace buckle(harness work)to make a waiste belt
  14. Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    Pardon my ignorance..I saw two references to French pricking irons...Other than a brand being made in France(Blanchard for example), what exactly are "French " pricking irons? Is this a new term to distinguish a pricking iron from the stitching irons (many made in Asia)where one punches all the way thru and then goes about lacing the thread in a separate event ? Thanks
  15. What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    This is great and THE way to go if you can pick up. One 3/8 sheet would cost 191.58 to ship ; )