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    Barrel racing, ranch sorting, ranch horse classes, and now leather working and Sheridan style carving hopefully.

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    Tack making and Sheridan or western floral
  1. Mallet Style Die

    Yes, this is what I am looking for. I have been hand cutting the circles so far and I am hoping getting a die will speed things up and give me a more uniform end product. Thanks for the help!
  2. Mallet Style Die

    I am needing a 2 1/2 or 2 5/8" diameter round mallet style leather die. Where would be the best place to find one? I am going through thin leather and don't have a press yet so I would like the mallet style. Thanks!
  3. Same Customer, Different Horse

    Wow, that is gorgeous! What color is the dye/finish? I am trying to find one thats not so dark for a tooled planner but all my stuff seems so dark.
  4. Craftool Pro Stamps/tandy Sale

    Thank you both for the help! I feel like I spent a small (large for me) fortune on tools and leather this weekend but hopefully I can get some projects done and make up for it.
  5. Not really sure where to post this but I got the flyer for the Tandy sale that started today and when looking at stamps to add to my collection I noticed the Pro line ones are $18 with the gold memebership, I can't afford very many but I am wondering for those that do a lot of floral carving/tooling which ones can't you live without? I still only have the basic stamps that came with the Tandy Deluxe kit and I have been getting by ok but I would like to see about stepping it up. Also what kind of knives do you like to use to cut out the actual leather? I have just been using a scissor but wondered about getting a trim knife or something as I have to cut a lot of curves.
  6. Considering Alternative Tools For Pre-Sewing-Prep Tools

    Not sure it's what you're looking for but I have Tandy's diamond hole chisel set on my next purchase list. They have a video using it on their website and I have found past threads using it with success.
  7. Need A Pattern For Chap Belt

    Are you looking for a pattern for chap yokes or just the back part? I can't tell if it's maple or oak leaves on this computer but here is one pattern pack to consider
  8. New Member

    Hi, I'm new to leather work, got it in my head a few weeks ago it was something I wanted to try and just had to give it a go. It's been quite the learning experience already but I am slowly feeling more comfortable with my knife and the tools. I was about ready to call it quits when it came to the decoartive cuts but I bought some scraps and learned how to case my leather better and how poor quality the Tandy stuff is that came in the kit and feel a bit better about doing the cuts. Next on my list is to learn about the sewing and to get additonal tools but one step at a time. These are my first couple projects so far.
  9. Photo Album

    Wow that is gorgeous! FF always has the nicest stuff!