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    Creating my own designs for leather products, and too many other interests to list here.

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    Molded masks, trinket boxes
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    improving my tooling techniques and becoming successful at craft shows.
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    I honestly don't know!! Google, I think!
  1. American Manufacturing Help - Small Leather Accessories?

    Besides finding excellant folks here, you might try where I get my customers from... http// There are many folks that can help.
  2. Customer items

    Just some of the different items some of my customers wanted.
  3. Admire Someone's Unique Design, But Don't Want To Copy

    I think you are worrying over nothing. If it was a tooled design that they came up with, then I would ask permission first. From the looks of it....they used stamps from the Tandy store. I have used the same designs/stamps on wrist bracelets and collars. The only difference between mine and theirs is that they painted the design. Anyone with a creative mind can do that, why not you too?.
  4. My First Journal Cover

    Wow, that is beautiful!
  5. Savoy Leather

    Welcome! The holsters you made are very nice!
  6. Hello From Ohio!

    Thanks for the acceptance here and thanks for the input! Is there any way I can dull the shine? Ferg - This stuff all has super shene on it because I didn't know what else to use. Any sugestions? Dwight - I'm in NW by the lake. Bill - I'm already on it. Making glam and bling chokers to go with the masks. What you didn't see on the display table were the leather thong undies with lace. .
  7. Hello From Ohio!

    Hi! My name is Cathy and I reside in Ohio. Many years ago, I had to give up leather crafting to work fulltime+ and raise my children. Well, now that the kids are grown, and I became unemployed last spring, I picked up the craft again, thanks to the encouragement of my kids! Wow! I sure did forget how therapeutic this is!! Anyway, This past fall, I started selling at craft shows and designing my own wallets, trinket boxes and molded masks, etc...I am hoping to learn from others here about tooling tips and more. Here are a couple of my pics to show you: