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  1. Sewing 2 Pieces At 90° ?

    OK thanks for the tips. I also found this guy on YouTube that is doing something similar.
  2. Sewing 2 Pieces At 90° ?

    So as I said somewhere in the forum, I want to make a camera case/body armor similar to this : My question is : how is the bottom sewn at 90° to the sides ? I have to mention that I'll be hand sewing this case. Please help me because all I have tried so far only became a wobbly mess !
  3. Small Camera Case

    I'm trying to put another picture of the back of the case using another method, hope it works . YYYYEEEEESSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Small Camera Case

    So that didn't work out like I wanted...... Now I need to know how to post a picture on this forum using ImageShack, there must be a topic about that somewhere, I'll try to find it ! 5 minutes later, I'm getting there..... almost. Continuing trying.
  5. Small Camera Case

    Hi everybody ! I want to make a camera case (more like a body armor) that would look like this : [/img] to fit my old Canon A700 [/img] but I need some advices and ideas to make the case hold on this kind of camera, The main problem is on the back, witch does not have a lot of spare space around the screen. Any ideas welcome ! Thanks.
  6. Where Can I Buy This?

    Found this : Might be a bit big ...LOL This one at 2.25 inches long might be better suited to your needs :
  7. Stiffening Upholstery Leather

    That "Buckram" stuff might just do the trick, does anybody knows if it comes in black ?
  8. Have you tried looking at ? Lots of great stuff in the " supplies" cathegory.
  9. Stiffening Upholstery Leather

    Yes, well that's what I was kind of doing but with nylon fly screen in between, It worked somewhat OK but to make wallets or other fine stuff it was way too thick in the end. Maybe gluing some kind of fabric ? If so, with what kind of glue ? Right now I'm using latex contact cement.
  10. Hello to all ! I'm new to this forum and to leatherwork as well. Lately I've came across a good amount of 8X10" leather samples you can see in furniture stores to help you choose a color. That leather is quite thin and supple and I was wondering if there's a secret receipe to harden and stiffen such leather ? I know for shure this is not veg. taned leather so it might be impossible to do, I don't know... There seems to quite a bit of knowledge around here and I'll try to take in all I can. Thanks for your help.