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  1. So I've always had a passing interest in leather work. Over the last few year years buying higher end holsters I've increasing felt like trying this on my own. Recently lost one of my favorite holsters, a belt snap pancake made by US Gunleather, after reaching out to them about another and learning they no longer were in business I decided to give this a go myself. I bought a "kit" for a mag holder off of Etsy. Pretty basic, pattern and two rough shaped leather pieces. But it went well. Did a second one just to improve my skills. Turned out quite nice. Attempted a holster as my third piece. Functionally perfect. Cosmetically not so perfect. Not really flaws but I tried to bite off a bit much with Lizard on the reinforcement panel. I didn't get enough contrast between the holster body and lizard leading to it not being anything special aesthetically. But being a bit stubborn for just my fourth piece, attempted a belt snap pancake to replace my missing holster. I applied some lessons learned from the first three items. I had picked up a bag of scrap exotic pieces from Springfield. I'm not sure exactly what this exotic was on the reinforcement piece, I had someone tell me elephant trunk, cape buffalo and shark. Doesn't really look like any of those three exactly but regardless it turned out pretty well. There are a few marks on it, a few stitches not quite right. But in person it feels quite well done and fits my 1911 quite nicely, solid retention but not so snug as to get stuck. I just wanted to say "Hi" and get some feedback. Thanks Chris