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  1. Sheridan Carved cell phone slip case

    Hey Yin, That one is for sure usable. looking good.
  2. Leather Work Gloves?

    there is a glove company out there by the name of Give'r Gloves, My son gave me a pair that were to small for him. They look to be well built but thinsulate lined so a little to warm to use them now. and a little pricy at 32-45.00 per pair.
  3. Leather Work Gloves?

    I normally buy the cheap split leather gloves from Menards, the ones with the leather palms and cloth backs. this allows them to be used from early spring to late fall. The don't last that long but can be extended with duct tape repairs to the fingers or whatever else you have on hand. then just throw them. When the going gets rough with chainsaws and trimmers etc. then go to welding gloves. Buy a pair a little big as they will go on and off easily. most of the split leather welding gloves with the liners will last a couple of years with heavy use from tree cutting, wood making and fence work along with protecting your arms almost to the elbows. They also work good if you have a knuckle buster job to do. A slipped socket or pry bar will make you a believer in a hurry.
  4. IMG_6034.JPG

    thanks, bonecross, didn't know anyone noticed with all the great work here.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

  6. Custom Knife and Sheath

    Rossr, nice job on the knife, a good stout blade with handle small enough for large and small hands. sheath matches up great as well.
  7. IMG_6035.JPG

  8. IMG_6034.JPG

  9. IMG_6029.JPG

    Saw and axe sheath for one of the guys in our fathers day trips to the boundary waters canoe area.
  10. F,O. Baird for sale

    Pete, Is your copy from 1956 or the 1970 copy?
  11. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    Ray and I traded stories, parts and bought equipment over the past few years. Rest in piece Ray, our hearts and prayers are with you and yours.
  12. Bike Seat Foam

    Try this site. I bought the sample bag, there are a number of different types. I plan on using some of it when I replace the seat covers on my old jeep next summer, so I cannot tell you how it works out. The pricing is a little high but the product appears to be top notch. They are in North Carolina not Canada. I do not know if they have a shop up in Canada or not but an email would find out.
  13. Found a Fiebring's dye called show brown in my dye lot collection. Don't know if they still make it but the test piece in the photo is really nice brown with no red tinge to it. the center circle is the show brown cut with denatured. the upper circle is the dark brown showing the red tinge to it. Not sure if this qualifies for your walnut but i really like the color. best of luck, Jim Parent not sure what went wrong but this photo is way to big.
  14. Dyeing

    I tend to use the dye straight out of the bottle. paint is thinned when used.
  15. Do you have a sewing machine? Could really use some advice on getting the right one. I saw you were on line so I thought I'd ask


    1. cardinal leather

      cardinal leather

      I have a number of machines, however I have little experience with them. Better to talk to wiz or ewe about sewing machines. Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

    2. NickH


      Just bought the Cobra class 26 medium to light duty machine. Surprised it will see two pieces of 8-9 oz leather no problem with 277 thread. Dream come true still need a heavier machine for the 346 thread. 

    3. cardinal leather

      cardinal leather

      sounds like a great buy. that machine should do 90% of what you work on.