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  1. Bill Williams appears to have had a change of heart about selling the machine. He turned down my $600 offer and did not reply when I asked if he wanted to counter-offer or even if he wanted to stay firm on the $700 price. Perhaps he will reconsider but meanwhile I think it's best to keep looking.

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    2. georgeandgracie


      That's the downside of vacation!

    3. georgeandgracie


      I had a chance to buy a Singer 211U567B from Alberoni and took them up on it yesterday. I hope like heck that it is a machine you approve of. They said it is like the 211G157 but newer and has bigger bobbins.

    4. gottaknow


      Nice! I haven't seen that exact model, but if it's like the 157, you're going to love it!! I am making progress on your machine, but I've been off work for a lousy kidney stone event. 

      Regards, Eric

  2. Eric, I am so grateful to you.
  3. Eric, your stitching is ideal. What does it look like on the other side? Does waxed canvas stitching always look better on the top side? If I manage to get a 211G157, would there be any reason to keep the Consew 206RB-3? Would I need it for very heavy non-waxed canvas, 24 ounce or heavier? Or would the Singer do just as well?
  4. Whew! That's good to know. I will hold out.
  5. Alberoni has a Singer 211G157, head only, for $1275. Is that really what they go for?
  6. Uwe, thank you! That spreadsheet lists a 211A157AA. What does the A stand for, as opposed to the G? Miami Sewing has a 211G165. How does that compare to the 211G157?
  7. Thank you, Glenn! These people will never hear the end of it until I find my machine.
  8. Aww, thank you so much, Eric! (Can I come work for Filson now? ) Other than Ralph's Power Sewing in Denver, are there some likely sources for the Singer 211G157?
  9. I am making tool rolls for woodworkers, shop aprons, and ditty bags. with 8.25 and 10.25 ounce waxed canvas. Occasionally I will make something with heavier canvas. Etsy shop: Guess I'd better get back with Ralph's and ask about that 212. You don't want to sell one of your Singer 211G157 machines, do you, Eric? (I bet I know the answer!!)
  10. Eric, your comments about thread piqued my interest. I am not using cotton-wrapped polyester. My thread is all-polyester and bonded; it comes from The Thread Exchange because I can buy small quantities there, and that is the only choice they seem to offer. Because I am not making garments, I would deduce that the all-polyester is not a wear problem, but do you suppose it could be exacerbating the puckering problem? If so, what thread should I try to find to replace it? I have not yet found a Singer 211G157 for sale. Ralph's Power Sewing in Denver has some sort of 212 - a double needle machine. Can a double needle machine be operated with just one needle?
  11. Using my existing table and servo makes good sense. Certainly I don't have room to have two machines set up. I might be able to use my Necchi BU if I stuck to size 69 thread and 8.25 ounce waxed canvas, which is the weight that is giving me the most problems with puckering. The trouble is that the polyester thread is so unruly and the machine lacks adequate means to tame it.
  12. Thank you, Ralf. That information gives me some more options.
  13. Thanks for saving me the all-day trip to the auction! I have not yet found a Singer 211G157 for sale. 211W151 models are out there, on Ebay and Craigslist, for $350 to $400 for a head only, plus shipping plus, of course, the servo motor. Are 111 models, as opposed to 211, similar enough to be worth considering?
  14. In the lower right of this picture (an auction preview) is some sort of industrial sewing machine. I don't suppose this is a Singer 211W151?
  15. Definitely The Thread Exchange. I had the same question as you, just two years ago, and someone here directed me to The Thread Exchange - some of the best advice I've ever received.