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  1. did you make the knife also ? That's a nice knife ......
  2. nice job ! That will look cool when it gets some wear and patina.....
  3. My Second Holster

    that stitching looks tight !
  4. It doesn't seem to me that quality or workmanship is an issue; those holsters look solid and well made. Maybe it's marketing, pricing, or some other factor ....?
  5. that is cool ! it reminds me of the teeth on a zipper.....
  6. Hello all ! I'm really glad I found this forum, what a great resource ! I was having a hard time finding good custom leather holsters, seems like every maker is backed up for months ( or years !) waited 9 months for a holster from_brigade, finally said, "screw it ! Maybe I can make my own?" I must say, I've gotten hooked on working with leather, it's so nice to work with compared to wood or metal.....