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  1. I do saddle making course. I am not near my computer at the moment. I think I have one space left on the August course. My web page is @MY63 Michael it's good to here feed back on my videos and great to here the have been a benefit. Thanks
  2. Strange my videos are open for everyone. Yes it is just my nephew using 2 pieces of leather to make the bleed knot bracelet. Your browband is made in a similar way. It is 3 pieces made up in the same way as his bracelet. The only difference is when doing the bleed knot holes on your leather, You have to leave a gap for one end to loop through. Then start your bleed knot holes again. Each of your 3 pieces of leather is made up 2 pieces of leather. In total 6 pieces
  3. I am no where near been a side saddle expert. Laura Dempsey would be the person for that. I have won several awards for saddle making. The side saddle is the one I am most happy with. The reason for this is that I have never made a side saddle till I made the competition one. In the competition , You can win a first, second or third prize. If your work is above standard you may win a premium award. They don't hand out premium awards easy. Why I like this side saddle one is having never made one before. I won a premium award.
  4. This is not how to make the entire thing. This is my nephew making a bracelet that has some of the bleed knot in your browband. I hope it helps part of the way
  5. A badge making company should make them
  6. Tandy leather make a lace cutter for £8 I can be seen using it at the start of this video.
  7. Depends what I am sewing. Sometimes I use glue. And sometimes I use a wire tack . The thin tack I hammer in where the stitch would be. Then remove them as I get close to them
  8. I have taught lots of kids over the years........No strike that They have taught me Kids have great imagination. When I give them something to make. I let them pick their colours to put together and give them shiny things like bows and jewels to attach. I am always amazed at what they come up with.
  9. If I don't get the chance I will get Kieran my nephew to do it and post his video on here with his others I have a few courses coming up finding time is tight . As you can tell on my videos they are never rehearsed If I get five minutes I just grab the cam and do a video of the first thing that comes to mind.
  10. @Tommo I spread the Tallow fat on then spread the powder on top of that. As to grit sorry I don't remember I bought lots of powder years ago. If I can find a bit of wood I might do a video on that
  11. @fredk Anyone including my cleaner can say they are Master Saddlers Or saddle makers. They Can not say they are Society of Master Saddlers Master saddlers. To be a Society Master Saddler you need to be a working saddler for 7 years and win a premium award at the Saddler competition in London
  12. @CuttingHorse After making a saddle you should not be afraid of doing most repairs. I would not recommend any saddle making course if you have not done any leather work at all. You need to have done thinks like make a bridle or a flocking course before you would be ready for it. Most people I have taught have went onto doing the big repairs on saddles. If you did my repair course you would not be able to do anywhere near the types of repairs you would do after a saddle making course. As far as I am aware the SMS do not do saddle making or saddlery courses. They do show recommended training providers on their website. I am one of them. You would have to go to Mark Romains building if you wanted to sit an exam. However you can go to any provider including Mark to be trained. My style of teaching is different from others . I am a factory saddler who made 5 or 6 saddles a week. Other saddlers are country saddlers who make one saddle a month. The only difference in the saddles are I know how to make it easier and faster for you. This is how all your top companies make saddles. Now I get to be big headed. Yes it is a nice saddle Cary puts out I showed him how to Make it. He could not work out how to get his idea how to work. That is why he called me to come up with the way to do it. I also designed his Flexi girth for him. It took six months to get it the way I wanted it. My other hat is I fly across the world showing companies how to improve quality and production. (I am now retired from doing that I got to 55 and decided to relax.) @fivewayswelshcobs Who are you I must know you and you me.
  13. @gigi thank that will make him keen to do more videos
  14. @TFarage yes it is a leather school. We do short courses. My website is The website only shows a part of what we do. I did my own website then got lazy adding other stuff. My Facebook is Geo Dunoon or my Facebook page is uksaddlery. I also have my uksaddlery you tube channel this has 56 videos at the moment