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  1. Use a edge sealer this keeps it good
  2. It's a great all round knife @Thor
  3. The way I edge dye is ...Stain with a water based stain. Give it a light rub up....don't spend ages on it you don't need rub tallow fat on it to smooth the hairy edges. again light rub up ......Apply glue water leave to almost dry then gentle rub up to shine. The whole process should take less time to do than the time it took to type this. I have a video showing the glue water in it you can see the tallow fat etc. I hope it helps
  4. The English leather company do sell quantities of less than 300 sq ft . This is a link to their site. AW Midgley are a great company and very helpful I don't buy of either of them However I have sent students to them and have heard nice things. Midgley I dealt with years ago when I could only buy small quantities and they where great. The reason I don't buy from them is because I am able to buy direct from company's because I can order 5 or more pairs of butt at a time.
  5. Welcome to leatherworking I have been doing leather work for ever and ever. I am a English style saddle maker. I have travelled all over the world as a consultant and a teacher. I got to the age of 55 last year and decided to retire . I am still to young to retire and love leather way to much ever to give it up. So I bought a building to teach from. What I am trying to say here is I started in the leather trade just to help a friend out for a few days. And I got hooked. You will find as you get into it you will make more and more things. Then you never know you might become a Master Saddler and fly all over the world . Oh and make enough cash to retire early. That is the thing with working with leather It can be a nice hobby or a great job. I also set up a youtube channel To help people . I think I have just over 50 videos on there at the moment and will add more as time goes on. Look on you tube for uksaddlery. My favorited video is the one where I made a handbag from start to finish in 6 minutes. Enjoy your new skills, And welcome to Leather working
  6. This is another video with a type off bleed knot bracelet. This my nephew in the video. He did this video and another showing you how to make a handbag. He said he would like to make more videos. So that will becoming soon.
  7. I bought my stone years ago. It was the cheapest thing you could buy . I think it cost a pound at a car boot sale . I oiled it for ever adding oil every day . It is now a great stone. When I oiled it I had the same problem. I just left the stone soaking in it and it seamed to stop after a few days
  8. You should use a pricking iron to mark the stitches. This does not go all the way through the leather. I have several videos on hand stitching and will add more when I get time. I have resisted doing the video where you stick your two needles through and twist over the back. Lots of people have done this already. Most don't show you the important tip to get your stitches at the correct angle. This is the way you hold your hands. I have a play list with several tips on hand stitching on you tube. If you look at my video titled hand stitching leather tip you will see the marks I made using the pricking iron. In this video I had already punched all the holes using my awl. I would normally use the awl as I go along but it was easier to explain the way you hold your hands with my holes already done. I would imagine on my other videos there will be some showing the marks and me using my awl. I don't watch my on videos so can't say what one will help the most. This link might not show you my playlist. If it only shows you one video look on youtube for uksaddlery I have 50 videos on there. I hope this helps
  9. This is my little nephew Kieran showing you how to make an interesting style of bracelet.
  10. I will tell him what you said JL . He did another video that day showing how to make the bracelet. I might post it later. Then again I can't have him out doing me on my videos. I think he wants to do some other videos, If I get time I will let him do some. I think it is good encouragement for other youngsters and beginning adults.
  11. I am on adsl 8mbps speed and loads fast and looks good. You don't need open source to get nice web software. I used Serif webplus 6 for my last site. It was a free download. I am now on Serif webplus 8. It cost me about £14.99. I think they wanted £80 but they will drop the price if you ask. Serif have some real good free to down load programs. One of my sites done with Serif 8 is