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  1. Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    Vikefan: a FULL 3/4"
  2. Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    BTW- first time (really!) that I ran into this...exceed my 3200 presser foot!
  3. Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    my 2 cents: you start out thinking "well, for what I do....I wont need that big of a machine" ...yeah uh huh. I struggled with this question 3 years ago...then I saw a guy at a gun show using his Tippman on a handed...yeah, I am not that coordinated anyway. Agree with above...if possible try one out. Also, consider throat and presser foot capability. I know it is overwhelming, gritted my teeth, Hot wife says 'go for it" called Cowboy Bob...never have been sorry. love the machine. See the picture...cant imagine doing this manually. Again, just a leather butcher, hobbyist' opinion.
  4. Recent work

    "Not fair you blokes! If there was a quality minimum, I would never post anything!" "Even if you cannot be a shiny example of how to do something, you can be a warning of how things might come out! " You make a good point Rockoboy- I dunno...this belt though ....already on the second version...might be a third! uggh! Thanks for the comments and a good laugh!
  5. Recent work

    I appreciate the positive feed back. Thanks! The seemingly 'simple' projects can be such a challenge. I am working on a belt that is kicking my butt. Pretty sure I wont be posting pics!
  6. I retired at the end of July. Spent the last 4 years (off and on) adding tools, benches etc to my basement shop. Now that winter is here I have had some shop time. I have been lurking here for many years. Always learn something! Appreciate all of you and your contributions. THANKS!
  7. The new trend in leather that they want to create

    Well, one of my brothers ordered a Tesla. He will take delivery in two weeks. The 'salesman' used the term "vegan leather" for the upholstery. We got a good laugh out of that. We decided it was some sort of "pleather". Genuine, imitation, plastic leather. You just cant make this shi% up. This isn't going away anytime soon, .
  8. Tricks and tips for Cowboy CB3200

    Threading, oiling, adjusting (etc) your Cowboy 3200: you tube is a GREAT source for tips.
  9. Holster Patterns

    I used, and modified, one of your patterns to make this, my first 'real' holster for a fella. Two layers, lined. Hope to do more in the future. Thanks for all of the info you share!
  10. Work Order

    AGREE!! > printing out! > dedicating a spray bottle to alcohol! Outstanding information.... Thanks!
  12. What should I make next?

    sign me up too please.
  13. Book recommendation for beginner

    Welcome to a very addictive hobby Brahmus! Very good advice given by others above. Books ( in my opinion and for me, are essential) Libraries can be very helpful. Check with your local library, I have checked out books via " inter-library" loan. Amazing titles available for two weeks at a time (typical loan period) from all over the country. Can't be in a hurry, and sometimes there is a waiting list. I have held books that I could never afford to own. And others that I am glad I didn't spend my money on. Also, used book stores. I have had some very interesting finds. Leather work books from the 60's and 70's. Fun (although mostly in black and white) dated material, but some techniques never go out of style. Tools- always ask at flea markets, yard sales and auctions. One of my best all time buys was at an auction, I was the only bidder. No one else knew what they were or had any interest. A huge amount of fun can be had just hunting for books and tools. Craig's list is always a good place for tools too. Buy the Tandy or Springfield Leather key fob kits when they are on sale. Practical practice items for tooling and finish testing that friends, family and coworkers can actually use. BTW- I still have one of my very first practice pieces from the early 80's. I look at it from time to time. Makes me smile...I REALLY sucked at tooling! (compared most I still do, ha ha, but I have FUN)....My 2 cents. Best David
  14. If I may Olfart, I have been in leather work and woodcarving in one form or another for the last 30 years, as a "hobbyist" also. I started signing my work years ago after a fellow woodcarver pointed out that the items that I "made" as gifts for family and friends, were my legacy of sorts. I know that might sound presumptuous. But if you think about it, most people (especially family) appreciate your work (deserved or not in my case!). I believe my friend was correct. Signing and dating gives your work relevance. Besides, how many artists and craftspersons over the decades have become famous posthumously? Just my 2 cents.