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  1. Graphic Conchos

    How would you go about making your own graphic conchos? I'd like to make some with our brand and just know how to in general. TIA!
  2. Additional Craftaids For Sale #4

    How many craft aids to you still have for sale in total? Between all your lots together, if I were to purchase them all, what would be the total? Possibly a bundled deal?
  3. Saddle Bronc Halter Question! Help Please

    Also, this needs to a pony/mini size! Anyone know what measurements I will need? Or best off just going buy a nylon halter for reference?
  4. Hey I was wondering what size O ring should be used on a saddle bronc halter. The actual halter no just the noseband people are calling a bronc halter. I am guessing at least a 2" but I am very possibly wrong. Help please! Greatly appreciated.
  5. So I love this effect with the dark fade out. Help please! Picture is from Savoy Leather, Jeremiah Savoy from Louisiana
  6. Tooled Bird Lanyard

    No problem. A bird lanyard would be to hang the birds from the neck so they don't have to be in the mud on the ground or wherever you are. Keeps them together for easy carry out of the blind/lake/woods.
  7. Tooled Bird Lanyard

    Hey! Awesome! And you are welcome I hope those strands hold up well for you. Did you use anything to waterproof it?
  8. Thank you! And HI! I used a Medium Brown Eco antique, first oiling then rubbing in the antique. I enjoyed how it came out. The lighter pieces are actually just natural. I didn't want to dye them because the lightest I have is a Saddle antique and didnt want the contrast color to be that dark. But anyhow, hopefully your kit will have good leather too!! Good luck and post it up when your done! Love to see it!
  9. I haven't dealt with many bags before this. Mostly leave the purses and such to my father in law. He has the machine to sew 'em up faster than my hand sewing can I do mostly holsters and other projects like I have posted: duck lanyards, arm guards for pipeliners...etc. I'm still really new to all this. Only started this past year in April.
  10. That is what I USUALLY do, WScott. But as I said I was surprised with the leather that came in this kit. So I actually used it. This was just for a personal project. Mostly I will use the leather they have in the kits for practice pieces.
  11. Yeah the briefcase is expensive. This was the messenger bag kit - I believe I grabbed it on sale for $80 or something.
  12. Surprised with the quality of this leather kit. Never liked to use the leather that came in the kits mostly due to the huge holes they punch for sewing - mostly purchase them in sale and use for patterns. BUT. This one wasn't half bad. So drew out my patterns and then went for it as a personal bag for myself. Pleasantly surprised I Iike it so much. Hardware was good as well.
  13. Craftaids For Sale

    So there are 9 total? I would take them for $30 + shipping. Do you have PayPal?
  14. Adult Section Request

    Invite requested please!