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  1. That is just fantastic. Curious how many hours did you have in carving it Ross
  2. Les misreable playin in the I am safely ruling that out lol Big sioux good thoughts I will check that out some. Its two pieces of oil tanned leather around 9 ounces total together. so yes not super thick. for sure. I didnt realize you could change the take up so I will look that over. Thanks Ross
  3. Looking for some commentary on this issue. I know the randal Campbell needle awl is a heavy duty machine. But I sewed up a gusset on a bag with two pieces of oil tan leather. No issues. Then I went to do the strap and I got what you see in the pictures. This baffles me. The top side is tight and you can see the bottom. Now the faster I went the worse it was. Normally I can chug right along but not with this strap. Whats most confusing is why could I do the gusset on the bag and not the strap. Hoping one of the sewing gods here can explain. Thanks Ross
  4. I just recently learned the allentown area store closed. I didnt go there much since its over an hour away but i was still surprised. Now philly is also the nearest local. which is over 2 hours. Anyone know are they franchised locations or is it strictly corporate?
  5. very can send it to me for safe keeping
  6. Thanks folks, it was a fun project!
  7. Thought you folks would like a look. I made my first ever messenger bag or briefcase. Did some carving work, Copper rivets, sewing too of course. Has a main inside pouch, a smaller area for paper and pens and pencils. Two outside pockets for the cell phone and what not. Now I wish I knew what leather I used, its stuff I had around but I am not sure they type. I really like the color and the texture. The carving work was just for fun and that is of course tooling leather Veg tan. Open to all thoughts. Enjoy Ross
  8. crazy cat. did you get this hammer fixed? I would be willing to talk to you about it if you still need the repair. you can drop me a line at Thanks Ross
  9. Just bumping this to the top.
  10. Johanna, Can you disable my access to the adult section? For some reason i am in it again. Would like to be disabled Thanks
  11. Need some more information. What kind of leather do you want the sleeves made of? Plain Veg Tan ie tooling leather? Not colored? Do you need the wooden box made as well? OR can you provide one to make the sleeve around. What kind of price point are you looking for? Thanks
  12. Hi Folks, Shipping prices have increased the new cost to ship is $6.80. Thanks Ross
  13. Hi Folks, Shipping prices have jumped up to $6.80, postal increase just fyi. Thanks Ross
  14. Ferg, No I am looking for one used for personal use. I do not plan on going into the die making business. Learning curves for sure!! Like you for what it costs to make them I would rather have the equipment and do it myself. I can see a point where it will be better to make them vs buy what I will want/need. So I am on the hunt Thanks for the thoughts it is all good advice Ross
  15. Hi folks, I am on the lookout for a steel rule die bender. Helmold, Richards, sandvik etc. With dies. Not sure what I am getting into but I know I am looking to make up my own dies and already have the belt grinders welding ability etc to do it. So just seeing whats out there and how expensive. Thanks folks Ross