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  1. Seeking info on Champion machine

    Lol you never know
  2. Championship Belts

    Do you hand cut all the belts? or do you have a die.....they look great regardless Ross
  3. Yin, I didnt dilute at all. But I brushed on really lightly. I have noticed if I slather it on its much darker. The carving part is around 4 and the rest 3 ish. I did skive the edges down which helped some. I always struggle with leather weights on wallets, part of why I dont like em. Glad you guys like the eagle....i feel like I could do much better on it, gets tough that small though for me anyway lol
  4. Fiebings Pro Dye Dark Brown Thanks for the compliment!
  5. I dont make many wallets. Just never got the knack for em down well. Might just be a practice issue. Anyway I was asked to make a custom wallet as a gift for a Boy scout who just earned his eagle. So here it is: Veg tan leather inside and out. Carved with initials on the right and an eagle on the left. Decided to lace the outside of it as well. Came out ok I thought. The eagle could be better in my opinion. Ross
  6. Something for all of us to aspire to in your work there Frank. Keep up the great work Ross
  7. Show your Shop

    I still see more space....seems ot me you can still buy more! Thanks for sharing that is great!
  8. Clicker Mechanical And A Beauty

    Nope havent been able to track it down Hmmm we can cross that off then thanks for checking it out though
  9. site chat

    couple of us chatting stop on over a bit further back in this thread
  10. Tandy Business Pricing....

    Yep they have done this for years. I think you get the elite pricing but you dont have to pay for the member ship. Obviously you have to have the tax id etc. Ross
  11. Show your Shop

    Just a great topic.. One of the best I have seen on here. There is so much to be gained from seeing each others workspaces and the ideas generated by that. Thanks again @Mjolnir Ross
  12. seems like I may have to just give em a try. Part of me wants to step up into some higher end ones too like barry king etc.....hmmmm
  13. site chat

    Come on over to chat tonight and talk some leather folks
  14. So as I progress along in leatherwork I am starting to consider better edgers. I seem to use them the most of all the hand tools and I currently am using Tandy style ones. I have no real complaints I have sharpened them and they work. However have been looking at some of the better tools out there and seems most opinions I can find on the board here leans towards better ones. I have seen Barry Kings, Bob Beard and The older cs osbournes mentioned many times. Also Watt tools too. Few others that slip my mind at the moment.... So I am curious what are folks favorites. I am also curious if folks prefer the bissonnette type more than the regular slotted type. I have never had a chance to try a bissonnette style but seems like they might function better with the ability to pull or push. Curious your thoughts and Thanks Ross
  15. Portfolio

    Just very nice work! I have to agree my hands hurt lookin at it. I have some machines and wouldnt even attempt what you did with out them. Nice work Ross