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  1. Padfolio Second attempt

    Shelia, nothing wrong with trying!!!! Its just a matter pf breaking it down and going step by step. ...A sewing machine would be beneficial too I am sure Stetson that is a good observation. Never thought much about it and i have connected them always tried to be careful no to cut past though......Lol.. we are our own worst critics always. Thanks for the compliment too...i view myself as still a beginner and still learning!
  2. Another hatband

    That is some fine looking arrow basketweave! Nice work Ross
  3. Padfolio Second attempt

    Yes they are heavier than I would like...but no horrible. I did bevel first and then did the pebble background last.
  4. Padfolio Second attempt

    I have in the past not liked the saftey skivers. That was until I put a new blade in one and it worked pretty well. I did skive down the suede under the flaps on the inside and that was ok...but i still have all the rest around the parts where no flap. Give it a go its all about learning
  5. Padfolio Second attempt

    Sure was and Thanks for that comment. Real happy with it that way actually! Thank you sir
  6. Padfolio Second attempt

    @YinTx Best I can do on the picture. It isnt great but u can see what I mean if you look at the point on the leaf on the bottom right you an see a cut line following it from the point up and to the right. I suspect it has to do with improper casing of the leather or I didnt bevel it deep enough.
  7. Padfolio Second attempt

    Thanks mutt Dun that is one of the things I want to think through a bit more The pig skin wont burnish really. so for now if you will its kinda raw edge. It looks fine but long term I see it picking up some. So been thinking on better solution. I considered making the edges longer and wider skiving them down and then rolling them to the inside after the pig skin...but that would add a level of difficulty I am not ready for Shelia, The black part is a separate piece. the front and back are two separate rectangles. So the black part I glued and stitched on to each rectangle hence the puffy look. I did skive the edges of the black part down so it meets it nicely. I did this for a couple reasons. One to make the contrast easier so I could dye them separate. Secondly I figured it would be easier to fold over that way rather than one piece being of thicker leather. Bear in mind I am winging this so to speak!
  8. Padfolio Second attempt

    It most likey is stiff enough....i keep watching and reading that most added something on the inside. so thats the way I went. I may make another to see what happens with nothing in it. Yea It may just be me being over critical too...doesnt show well in picture. but I may try ....Thanks for the compliment too I didnt even think of creasing them and I thought they should have something smh! I thought white on the spine might have been too much. Funny how we look at things different! Thanks. I watched the same video I am pretty sure at one point. and one of the reasons I used a inside board. I will have to check out some matboard to see what it is like!
  9. Padfolio Second attempt

    Well I showed my first around and a good friend of mine wanted I figured practice is practice. So this is take two. I did a few things different I used cereal box cardboard for the inside this time cut down on weight compared to the plastic I used in the first and it seems stiff enough. I also rounded the corners which I like more. Really just a style thing. Outside was 8-10 ounce wicket Craig Carved and tooled The Black center is Wicket and Craig 6-7 ounce Dyed Black tooling. Inside is a Merlot waxed Pig suede. Veg tan for the Flaps inside maybe 2-3 ounce. Color is Fiebings Golden Brown. IFnished with Tan coat. Slicked the edges with saddle soap. I did white stitching this time which gave a nice contrast I thought. Open for any constructive criticism...I have plenty of my own of course! I did notice I could see some of the cut lines on my carving...I seem to have this issue on thicker leather, It appears after I use the dye and finish. wondering if I am cutting too deep ...
  10. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thats great for selling them all and working towards your future Keep up the great work and keep moving forward!! Tip of my cap to you and your brothers. Best wished for a successful future Ross
  11. Composition Book Cover

    like the horse a lot.. great work
  12. My try at a Padfolio

    Lot of fun...look forward to seeing it
  13. 31 Pen Pouches

    They look real nice and the pens your family makes are also stunning. I am curious are you also under 18 and adding to your college fund with leather work?
  14. site chat

    Jake what daryl said just follow the link its easy.. few of us pop on every couple days at least and chat leather
  15. My try at a Padfolio

    Thanks. You are too kind!