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  1. Cracking leather

    Yes I understand being new, no disrespect, just telling the truth. Another thing, don't roll your leather up, that is for shipping only.Leave it hanging.
  2. Cracks on belt

    The No. 1 thing I do is, as soon as I receive the hide I, roll it out an apply conditioner. Dry leather is no good/
  3. Cracking leather

    That is low grade leather. You get what you pay for. I understand you had good intentions but you need to buy quality leather for great results.
  4. Cracks on belt

    Lexol Neatsfoot leather conditioner non-darkening Use it all the time works great and don't darken the leather
  5. Shoestrings

    ‎Dan Williams‎ to For the Love of Leathercraft · 23 mins · I am, wondering if any of you all have ever made your own shoestrings because the ones in the store don't last. If so what kind of leather did u use ?
  6. Moose

    I am pondering working with moose hide an was wondering if any one could give me any advise as too Durability, Strength, is it good for lace , anything at all you could share. Do you have photo's of your works with moose leather. Would love any advise you all have for me. Thanks Dan
  7. A lot of leather hides.

    If you have the $$, buy now. bargains' don't come easy, far an few buy buy buy
  8. Leather storage

    I just have a dog chain along my wall an hang all my chrome-tan leather from the chain. My veg-tan an latigo I roll up an put on wooden shelves. Cardboard in my opinion is a no-no, it will dry your leather out
  9. Leather conditioner

    Lexol non-darkening restorer ,does anyone know where I can buy some. Walmart or no retailers here carry it.
  10. Leather conditioner

    I used to have some non-darkening Lexol leather conditioner but I cant seem to find any more. Dose anyone know where I may buy some ? When you apply it does darken the leather but when it dries the leather returns to its natural color.
  11. Looking to attempt making my first bag.

    Make your own pattern. Measure the front and the back of the bag an add 1/2 inch seam allowance to all sides, same with gusset. Use pasteboard a pattern making material
  12. Atlas

  13. Atlas

    I make a lot of hand bags/purses/totes, and I like the looks of French seams but it is hard on my cb4500 cylinder arm machine. Should I be looking at a single needle or double needle post machine
  14. Atlas

    I am looking into buying a post sewing machine an was looking at the Atlas brand. Has any of you used one l, if so what is your opinion on how they work