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  1. Just bought a BUSM 6

    I found a few minutes to get some picture however no time to do anything with it. Here is one picture of it getting loaded off the truck with our tractor. Not sure how or where I can post other pictures as it seems to only allow this one.
  2. Just bought a BUSM 6

    I just purchased a Pearson no 6 and trying to figure out the manufacture date among a million other things about this machine. I see a number just behind the needle area on top it is stamped in the metal 6500. Thought maybe this is just a part number. Where exactly would I find this number ? The front wheel has The British United Shoe Machinery Corp Leicester England on it. Just got it home Saturday and tried sewing but it seems to be skipping a couple of stitches here and there. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Peg