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  1. Larp Chest Piece and Bracers

    Ok, I get ya, the swinging parts are the main concern. Have you tried the sam brown studs on other parts, like where the back of the cuirass and front come together on the shoulders. I don't know if the buckles I used where too large or wht but when I added the pauldrons to the one in the pictures he complains that any strikes to the shoulder hurt. I'll probably make him a gorget and attach the pauldrons to that to allieviate that problem, but I'm getting ready to make another one for a younger kid and was wondering if moving the buckle that joins the front and back further towards the back rather than right on the shoulder might be more comfortable, or even if the same brown studs would work, just further towards the back as well.
  2. Larp Chest Piece and Bracers

    Yea I've been having a lot of fun making the armor for the LARP. I did do a second give away which was another pair of bracers to help them raise money for charity. I guess it helped to do a couple of freebies for them because I've already started to get orders from them. Out of curiosity what hazards have you encountered with buckles? Have the Sam Browne studs held up to the movements and foam abuse from play?
  3. Hey everyone, ally When I first got into leather a few years ago I eventually wanted to shift into doing armor, and things of midieval influence. Well I've finally gotten to start that transition! My oldest son joined the local LARP group, which we didn't even know we had one here, and of course started begging for armor. It was definitely fun to make, and I'm looking forward to making more! I also put on a tournament on one of their game days, winner gets a fully custom set of bracers. This was the prize.
  4. Ring purse hardware

    Are you looking to make a chain mail purse? If so I get rings from amazon, just look chain mail links. I believe they're aluminum and they just bend in place so not the most secure, but if its not something that you're going to beat on they work fine.
  5. Brindle Chaps

    Those look great!