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  1. Need help which machine to buy

    The 1541 is a great machine. Wallets and belts yes, all day long. Holsters, maybe, I don't have any experience with holsters but some may not fit a flatbed so well. I do bags on a 1508 which is very similar and I can tell you that a post bed or cylinder arm can be somewhat more handy for the odd shapes that you can run into. Purses same as bags, it depends on the design but a more specialized machine may be called for. If you get the 1541, it can make you the money you will need for more machines and you will need more machines. One is never enough.
  2. Sewing Machine Game.....

    Singer 211. This particular 211 is a 211U166A. This is a workhorse triple feed (walking foot, needle feed, drop feed) reverse, bobbin winder and drop in bobbin. These heavy with steel and run very smooth and sure and inspire confidence. Great flat bed for wallets, belts, canvas, denim.
  3. singer 331K4

    If you are unfamiliar with terms like walking foot and triple feed watch my video about them. I'll mention several models that first timers should keep an eye out for and the features to look for.
  4. Sewing Machine Game.....

    Consew 389RB-2 Post bed, Three feeding mechanisms, alternating presser feet, drop feed, needle feed. Two needle, adjustable width with parts, extra large bobbins. This is great for uphostery, top stitching french seams and I use it for top stitching down legs and sleeves and getting down into bags and such.
  5. Sewing Machine Game.....

    This is a Chandler TDU-N62, same as the Rex 26-188. Made by Nakajima and you will see other branded machines just like this under various names and usually a model number similar to the two I have posted. These have two feed mechanisms, the drop feed and alternating presser feet, there is no needle feed. I don't think these are in production any longer but there were a lot of them made. I see them with some frequency in the Kansas City region.
  6. singer 20u for non leather sewing

    I agree with Bob. If you don't need the zig zag, I would go with the others and personally I prefer the Juki. The 20U has less reach and is generally a smaller, lighter and less precise machine.
  7. I live in the Kansas City area. Can this sew different size Keyholes? Is this cut before or cut after? Does this install a gimp thread? Can you send pictures or video of current production? Email me direct at alexanderdyer42@gmail.com Thanks
  8. I am interested in your Keyhole buttonholer. Is it 100% and sewing? Do you have some photos of it? What is your asking price? Thanks Jason
  9. Pfaff 138-6BSx4.5 Head Only Sale

    Could we see some photos please.
  10. Cobra Class 4

    I would like to see some photos of your for sale items please.
  11. COBRA Class 4-P Premium machine

    Please include your location and any photos you might be able to upload. Thanks
  12. Uwe; I am glad to see your work of sewing machine crates. Top notch as always. Thanks to Hockeymender for the reference to my video. I have bought several machines online and about half of them arrive damaged so the more information out there the better. Who knows, maybe one day I will receive a machine that has been shipped in a crate of your design. That would be a good day. I especially like how on your design the crate could easily be reused even for another machine, a short coming of my method. I will be building a crate for a Singer 134W6 Feed off the arm soon so that will be a unique challenge and definitely a "one off". Thanks