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  1. Assorted Leather for Workshop

    craigslist post has expired.
  2. Tried to pm you, not sure if it worked.
  3. How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    You sir are full of brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Tandy Market Place Handbag Pattern

    Very nice Cody! Mom's are usually patient but she will be thrilled with this present. You even tooled the bottom. The next one will go faster.
  5. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Mine is a 155 but pretty sure it will work. It is 10" x 13 3/8" Be glad to get any other info you need. Just holler.
  6. I think you have a start there. A walking foot is certainly a start. As for the size of your projects, if I understand what you are saying, it isn't the size i.e. chaps vs key fob, it is the total thickness of what you want to sew. How many layers and how thick each layer is. Honestly there is no such machine as one not meant for leather that can still be used for leather. It really doesn't matter what level of the craft you are at. You can find either a used one for less, or perhaps one not meant for hours a day use. But with your level of knowledge I would suggest contacting a dealer (or more than one brand). Tandy would not be my first choice in this venture. See folks on the above sponsor list or do a search here. There are several folks that can steer you right. Good luck.
  7. One more chevre wallet

    Very very nice indeed! Did you use heat on the edge paint? The design is really nice as well. Your own? It is great to see what quality can be accomplished using more affordable tools. Much to be said for the talent as well.
  8. Sources for thread and nice belt leather

    You might try The Thread Exchange. They have quite a selection. As for the leather, there are many online places to look. Seems like everyone has a favorite. But perhaps you could give a bit more info as to what you are looking for. Sides, blanks, going to tool it, weight, etc. ?
  9. How is this for a start?

    By all means let them make something. Card wallets are an idea. Not much leather and they can have something to give mom, or grandparents or teachers, or neighbors, or.... A gift that actually means something. The pride in their work will last forever. Something you can do with your children for many years to come. Ending the stitch line is just back stitching a couple of holes. Follow the same thread line top/bottom, end at the back side, clip close, if needed touch end with lighter.
  10. What are you trying to find Harry? Patterns, construction techniques, ideas? If you understand construction techniques and create your own patterns, this book may give you some ideas. However, there are no detailed patterns. The drawings that you see in the description of the book are pretty much all it amounts to. I found it interesting, but if I were you I would see if a local library could get it in for you to check out if possible. If there is something specifically you are wanting from it, I can try and find it for you. kat
  11. Craftool Pro Splitter

    Gary, was that price under their Elite, Gold or regular pricing? Thanks.
  12. Bound book

    Far from a book expert, but you might try using a good tooling leather weight that you are comfortable with. And then stitch it to a thin enough piece to do you turning.
  13. How to build a Cowboy Crossdraw Holster??

    Thank you so much. Think I need to talk with the client and see if I can't turn his head a bit. You have come up with a good alternative. I thought the cant was a bit shallow as well, but when I put it on him with a 30* it stuck out behind him or beside him a few inches. I will try and post a pic or two when done and we can all have a good laugh.
  14. How to build a Cowboy Crossdraw Holster??

    Thank you so much. The weight/size is exactly the concern I am having. (Why or how he thinks he will carry it daily is beyond me.) I am pretty sure he doesn't even have the belt to support it, but may be another order. I hadn't thought of lining it, as you suggest. That would certainly help. Might try kydex? Hmm, now you have me thinking. Thanks again. kat
  15. Project request to me: Cowboy style holster to be carried as a cross draw, appx. cant 15* forward, for a Desert Eagle. The weight of that small cannon is what has me puzzled. I am trying to figure out how I create enough support to keep it at that angle, yet keep it in that style. He wants it for an existing belt, to carry everyday. There may be a perfectly simple answer to this, but I am not coming up with it.