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  1. Edge kote

    I just burnish and dye, edge kote seems to crack off
  2. Calf Skin in Australia (NSW)

    Have you tried Birdsall's they are in NSW
  3. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Yes they are a much better blade, then also fit the strap cutters, lace cutters etc
  4. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Use the shick injector blades they are much better But the best is something like this knife&ref=sr_gallery_2
  5. Osborne lace cutter- a demonstration

    they look down right dangerous
  6. Craftaid Patterns for sale

    I'll send you a PM
  7. Hello from Wesern Australia

    message sent
  8. Hello from Wesern Australia

    we have a facebook page, let me know if your interested cheers
  9. I think "Birdsall" have chrome tanned roo in differant colours
  10. Craftaid Patterns for sale

    Would you post to Australia? depending on price I'll take them
  11. Hello from Wesern Australia

    Hey Brian, why don't you join the Leathercrafters Ass of WA??
  12. Craftool - How old for quality Tool?

    Buy in this order Craftool Co - No number Craftool Co - Number only Craftool Co - Letter and number Craftool Co USA - Letter and number Craftool USA - Letter and number Craftool - only if on super special very poor quality
  13. what will you pay for one in a box??
  14. How can i fix my mom's bag - Repairing edges

    I agree first get rid of the old edge, then you can decide what to use
  15. If I could get a copy of the Dawn pattern that would be awesome, I have the book but don't want to cut it up and I've no copier, but I could print out a pdf copy if you could send it

    I would appreciate the help, my email is