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  1. Buy in this order Craftool Co - No number Craftool Co - Number only Craftool Co - Letter and number Craftool Co USA - Letter and number Craftool USA - Letter and number Craftool - only if on super special very poor quality
  2. what will you pay for one in a box??
  3. I agree first get rid of the old edge, then you can decide what to use
  4. If I could get a copy of the Dawn pattern that would be awesome, I have the book but don't want to cut it up and I've no copier, but I could print out a pdf copy if you could send it

    I would appreciate the help, my email is



  5. what are you all thinning the resolene with, I assume water????
  6. A friend of mine and I are struggle to stop fiebing black from rubbing off a small projec (watch band)t, so far he's buffed it for ever :-) tried two coats of resolene allowing each coat to dry over night it still leaks through any ideas, I've suggested he stops using the fiebings and tries the good old Raven Oil TIA
  7. flick me your email so I can send you a copy
  8. Thanks you're a life saver !!!
  9. I have pictures of all those let me know if you want a copy emailed
  10. It's a border tool, I have one but I have no idea how to upload a picture :-)
  11. where are you looking??
  12. Are these the modern craftools??
  13. I bought from Weaver the same knife was about half the Tandy price