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  1. WOW!!! That is awesome!
  2. Love seeing your work
  3. Beautiful work as always!
  4. Man, I like that a lot!
  5. No, they are two different sizes. The SP101 is substantially smaller.
  6. That turned out really nice. I need to try one of these pancake knife sheaths.
  7. Not to sidetrack the thread, but good to see you on here Katsass
  8. Very nice! I have a Glock 42 on the bench with that same setup that I need to make a pancake holster for. Yours turned out great!
  9. I forgot all about this thread but funny thing is I just got another piece from Springfield leather and had the same issues. It had a lot of wrinkles and it was DRY, I mean really dry!!! I do have to agree that their customer service is fantastic, but that is the last piece of leather I order from them. It was nice being able to buy smaller amounts, but it is so hit or miss getting a good piece that I will just buy W & C exclusively.
  10. I sell most of my stuff on my local gun forum. I also list it on the manufacturers forum, for example if its a holster for a Ruger I'll put it on Ruger forum and a S&W I'd put on the S&W forum. I've also gotten exposure on Facebook by posting pictures of stuff I've made and had people call me to order.
  11. They are stiffeners that you attach under the snap. Blue gun store sells them. I've heard of people making there own out of very thin metal, but I just order mine from BGS.
  12. Wow, how did you get such detailed wet molding on 10 oz? Sorry, I don't want to derail the thread but I am curious.
  13. That looks awesome. What weight did you have it split down to?