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  1. cobra class 4

    Cobra class 4. Works great. Comes with the accessories in the photo. $2000 Located in MA Will package for shipping but, buyer must set up and pay for shipping
  2. J Dixon and others

    How much for the strap pricker shipped to the states?
  3. J Dixon and others

    Do you still have the strap pricker?
  4. adler 267

    Not for sale anymore
  5. Chandler 108B

    Chandler 108 b (same as the consew 227) Sews great. Was just serviced. Selling the head only. $800 Shipping will be around $80 to $120
  6. adler 267

    Adler 267 Gk-373 In great condition. It has seen almost no use. Asking $1200 with cluch motor. $1325 with servo. Will package the machine and table up for $75 buyer must set up shipping. Pick up in Massachusetts.
  7. Extra Brand New Vergez Tools

    Can i get a photo of the edge crease?
  8. Edgers

  9. Basic Tool Stamps

    Basic Tool Stamps Please see the photos for condition Sold "as-is" $10 EACH all for $180 Flat rate $6 (for any number of stamps ordered) If needed extra insurance will be added at cost. USA shipping only PayPal only 21- Basic Tool LA 33 22- Basic Tool USA 41 23- Basic Tool USA 40 24- Basic Tool USA 46 25- Basic Tool LA 33 26- Basic Tool LA 9 27- Basic Tool USA 23 28- Basic Tool LA 9 (rust) 29- Basic Tool USA 41 30- Basic Tool USA 51 31- Basic Tool USA 26 32- Basic Tool USA 63 33- Basic Tool LA 7 34- Basic Tool USA 55 35- Basic Tool USA 48 36- Basic Tool LA 29 37- Basic Tool USA 62 38- Basic Tool USA 5 39- Basic Tool LA 4 (rust) 40- Basic Tool LA 6 (rust) 41- Basic Tool LA 16 (rust) (Some of the numbers are really small and might be wrong)
  10. Edgers

    Craftool edgers. Sizes 0-5 All work but might need a quick sharpening $60 for the set plus $6 shipping.
  11. Number Stamps

    Does anyone know of a number stamp set that goes over 9? I'm looking for a 1/4" set that goes up to 15. I know I can use a 1-9 set to do this but would be easer if I could find a set that goes up to 15 Thanks, Josh
  12. Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    This tippmann has been listed on eBay
  13. Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    $850 for the boss. not including the flat bed, stand or edge guide
  14. Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    $1000 + S&H